A PERFECT BEACH DAY in Postcards 4

  • Aug. 25, 2021, 5:28 p.m.
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The sun is out, the skies are blue tho smoky, and the day is a perfect day for the beach. So we went down to the beach and got our booster shot and breakfast. Overpriced breakfast but a free shot.

I’ve been attempting to quilt. No matter how hard I try nothing has worked right. The machine ate the threads again and again. Needles broke. It’s been very discouraging. I fought, and it fought back. Perhaps there is a song in there. Finally today, something came together and it all worked. A couple of days ago, I liked it. Today I don’t. Ah well.

George works hard on his hand, and I forget to do all my exercises. Perhaps this is the balance for our day.

  • Himself: Retired into space. One of his fellow game players is a Comic Con aficionado too.
  • Myself: Reading the last of the Bujold space opera. What really good stuff. I’ve got a new one waiting for me on the Kindle, but G is reading it. Quilting and reading.
  • Reading: Bujold.
  • Watching: KPBS: “In Their Own Words,” Jim Henson.
  • Photo: Beach sketch, mine, 1982.
  • Weather: Perfect.
  • Gratitude’s: The sewing machine working again, Shots, G, Bujold, Breakfast out.

Last updated August 25, 2021

Adventure before Dementia August 25, 2021

'I fought the thread...and the...thread won'.....!

MageB Adventure before Dementia ⋅ August 26, 2021


Marg August 26, 2021

I’m glad the sewing machine finally got its act together! Love that sketch :)

aunty EM August 26, 2021

We are finally seeing blue skies here the last day or two. Hoping this means the fire season is about over...

NorthernSeeker August 28, 2021

The beach sketch is perfect. I like the way the woman's fingers don't quite touch her body. It gives a sense of distance and motion. I can see she is doing something.

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