Greasy Poo in Drugs 'n Drunk

  • Aug. 20, 2021, 2:11 a.m.
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In high school my first girlfriend was Lynn. I affectionately called her Lynnie The Poo. Then in notes passed between classes I started to referr to myself as Greasy Jess as I had unkempt long hair.

She drew a picture of a turd in a leather jacket saying our child is named Greasy Poo.

Around 2014 she was working at a gas station with her then husband. (I introduced them.) I pulled her outside and mentioned going to AA, quitting, going back to school and getting my life back on track. Bringing up AA again, I apologized for everything I did, said or put her through. She hugged me and said all is forgiven.

Even though I wasn’t in the meetings anymore I had time to think back and realize when I was the asshole.

Greasy Poo popped into my head.

I hope she’s doing good.

Last updated August 20, 2021

Florentine August 20, 2021

Random here. Thought I'd say it was sweet and good of you to offer an apology. Time softens those harsh edges of yesterday, but I bet the apology still made her feel respected. <3

Ferret Mom August 20, 2021


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