COVID, Not Vaccine or Mask Related in Thirty-Six

  • Aug. 17, 2021, 1:49 a.m.
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Good evening my friends, how are we all doing this Monday evening. Well it’s like 4pm, so not really evening, but yanno.

I had to get my Actemra infusion today at 1, and Randy was going to go to DES to update our foodstamps stuff, until we can get situated in NM.

I get to Vasco, and as soon as I get there, the lady is like Uh oh....lets chat.

She tells me that my med isn’t there, which didn’t surprise me one bit (it’s happened three times before). But she also tells me, that Vasco and all other specialty pharmacies have been ordered to stop distributing Actemra because the government is now deciding to use it to treat COVID.

That’s all well and good, but do you not realize what that does to me and any other person who has been taking this medication on a schedule for more than a year?

They said they might have a dose by the end of the week, but we don’t know for sure.

The last time I skipped a dose, my inflammation markers skyrocketed. This is not the fucking time!

I called my Rheumatologists office and they didn’t have any either. So that is wonderful.

In other news, Randy has been trying to call DES for the last week and a half, he gets to the end of the menu, the message says “We’re sorry, but we cannot take your call at this time” and the call cuts off. A week and a half. So he went to DES to do the interview and they tell him “All interviews must be completed by telephone” and “We are aware of the problem with the telephone system”. WTF?

Anyway, ugh i’m just done with everything in this house. We have more appointments tomorrow and then Wednesday we are gonna rent a van to take stuff over to the Storage Unit in. There’s just so many things continuing to go wrong with this house.

The roof continues to get worse. Leaks are coming through in the kitchen, office and bathroom.

The toilet in the bathroom is leaking.

Our kitchen sink backed up beyond belief. We’ve already used three bottles of drain opener. We’re gonna get one more and that should finish it up, but god dang!

Blurgh, so that’s whats going on with us over here. We have every room but the office pretty much packed up and ready to go to the storage unit. We’re gonna get the van and do that this week.

I’m fucking tired already and I know this week is going to be be hell. Send good thoughts, candy and stuff like that. LOL. Take care guys.

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