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  • Aug. 6, 2021, 6:46 p.m.
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Messy dahlias at the garden a few days back. I can tell the heat and the turn towards fall is changing the garden. One of my plot neighbors, (the one that has been there the longest and is a brilliant gardener) quite enthusiastically gave me some just picked green beans yesterday and showed me her Japanese eggplant after I asked if she grew them. Those eggplant plants are so beautiful, the leaves with the purple veins running through them.

As I was waiting for the bus yesterday to go to the grocery, I ran into Charity coming back from an early walk. We exchanged brief pleasantries. It makes me so sad that we appear to no longer be friends. Besides missing her eccentric lively company, I miss hearing the neighborhood gossip.

We were supposed to have rain today. We ended up, I kid you not, having mist for maybe 5 minutes instead. I hope the stressed trees can pull a little moisture from the humid air. All those people out there fighting the fires…I feel for them. Including all the prisoners. It makes no sense to me that the women prisoners that are trained for and live up to the incredible workload of fighting fires can’t get jobs as paramedics or firefighters when they serve their terms and get out.

A whole lot of things don’t make sense to me right now.

At least Diego is once again having a good day. I can always tell because on days when he doesn’t feel good, he attaches himself to me. If he had Velcro, he would attach himself to me that way. Today he is snuggly and affectionate but not attached.

Mr. Sherlock is having a batch of teeth out. They need to be careful because of his heart and he is struggling with the idea, as any of us would, of having them all out at once. Mrs. Sherlock and I are walking tomorrow so I will hear more then. The not being able to eat solid food thing is hard. I do know about that.

It is supposed to be overcast, which will make being out and about way more pleasant. It is interesting to me how our moods are often tied to if the sun is out or not, and yet pretty much everyone I know these days can’t stand being in direct sun.

Like many of us, I ordered some new masks. Both the washable kind with nose wires and the disposable surgical kind to wear underneath. It is getting easier to find better fitting ones at least. This whole new paradigm of having to figure out one’s own risk tolerance is kind of maddening.

With all these companies saying nope, we are not bringing folks back to the office until January makes the whole thinking process about when and where and how to teach in person again complicated.

I did a Tarot reading this morning and pulled what I call “The Apprentice” cards, both. I am thinking this applies to teaching, there is always so much to learn there, but also poetry, and gardening for sure.

But I also hope it applies to domestic life. Clearing things out and cleaning. Rarely having people over and living with a chronically ill cat have made my relationship with the space I inhabit a little less intentional than I would like.

I admire folks who have a rotation. Say on Thursday one washes the towels and cleans the bathroom. Etc. That would work for me, I think.

The special item this next round for recycling is cords, chargers, and printer cartridges. I do have cords, all kinds of cords. It will be a journey of exploration going through stuff to suss out unnecessary cords.

I wonder if I am up for the task.

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mcbee August 06, 2021

It's hard to lose that comraderie once it's been established. I had a walking friend for years that eventually vanised on me, it really hurt.

toddslife August 07, 2021


Marg August 08, 2021

Oh I’m so sad things are still the same with Charity! Is it not a temporary thing then while she works through stuff? Is Mr. Sherlock having dentures put in? I need to find out where one disposes of old electrical cords, chargers etc because I have a large box full of them that needs going through. The thought fills me with absolute dread!

noko Marg ⋅ August 08, 2021

Yes, he is getting dentures. In the end they did take the rest of his teeth Friday. He is doing okay but emotionally it is hard. He will grumble but the gift of being able to eat solid food again will be a blessing. This aging stuff is hard.

Marg noko ⋅ August 08, 2021

It sure is!

IpsoFacto August 08, 2021

I’m so sorry to read about the relationship problems with charity. I remember you mentioning it before. We are all very different, especially you and I except that at our core I believe we have many similarities. It’s just that our personas are so very different. If it were me, I could not keep I’m asking charity to sit down and talk with me about the wall that seems to have gone up. I do not deal well with ambiguity. I think you have evolved to a higher level than I. I tend to be very direct. I think you are so much better at dealing with nuances and subtleties and I am. Ipso facto in legal terms basically means the thing speaks for itself. That’s kind of me…What you see is what you get. The gray areas Leave me very anxious. Maybe I’ll do an online tarot reading for myself done it in years.

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