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  • July 21, 2021, 7:25 p.m.
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Good afternoon my friends, how are we all doing? I’m doing better than I have been these last few days. I had somewhat of a breakdown the other day. One of those petty things that just threw me over the edge. It’s been a heck of a roller coaster. I’m just trying to save money so that way when It comes down to picking up and moving, whether that be August or September, depending on what happens with paperwork and whatnot.

We’re going to see how much longer we can stay here, which means sending mountains of paperwork to our housing people again, so they can figure that out and then selling what we can, moving what we can and trashing the rest, and then trying to get a cash sale on an as-is home.

Right now, properties are being snatched up left and right. Our type/size of property (1600 sq ft/4 bedroom/2 bath/fully fenced acre) is going for over $175k. Ours needs a lot of work. Not $45k worth of work. Somewhere between $15 and $20k. We are asking $130k.

Hopefully it’ll also get snatched up quick.

Randy and I had a huge argument but I think we both got our points across.

I’m impatient and expect immediate results and my feelings are very easily hurt. We all have different types of trauma and trauma responses. This is my trauma. This is my response.

He finally said it out loud. “I have a problem letting things go.” I deadass looked at him and said “I KNOW”.

So we kinda just puttered around all day on that situation and then we had another conversation about how I need to build up stock, which I know I do, I have stuff I need to sew, I just need to do it, my fault. I was hoping to sew these other pieces for a purpose, rather than for them to just sit in a box somewhere, you know? Because that is what is going to end up happening with my “stock”. Sure, I will definitely use them for my babies, but I won’t be having babies soon. So, there’s that.

I had a guy on TikTok message me, tell me that he was sorry about the situation that happened (if you’re interested, follow me over there), and that he wanted to buy the hammocks. I told him I didn’t actually sew them because now I can use the pieces for other hammocks, which works out. That I will post them at the end of the week and see if he’s still interested. I don’t know if he has any small animals, so if he doesn’t I will just tell him that I appreciate him wanting to buy them, but I’d rather they go to someone who will use them for their intended purpose.

So, our rat lady that we have gotten all but scotchy from, she’s going to be taking some of the rats, which we aren’t sure which ones we are keeping, we know which ones are sick and need EOL care when it comes to it, and which ones we will have to find homes for/send to a rescue.

So, she wants to come over and learn how to sew these hammocks too, that way she can make her own, etc, because she currently has 20 herself.

Anywho, so that’s going to happen next week. Well Randy had been talking to his client that he’s painting his stuff for, and he was like I have a friend that has guinea pigs, let me ask them, etc. So long story short he got me an order for 7 hammocks (2 flats and 5 tubes), so that is what I will be working on next week. The friend that I’m making them for mentioned something about wanting me to stream for at least an hour when I make the Hammocks, but I was like hmmm I could go live on FB or Instagram.

I suppose I could do Twitch also. hmm. I’ll have to borrow the Webcam for that though because of the damn cooler. FML.

Erhmmm so yeah that’s gonna be fun times. That will go into our emergency fund. I’m trying to save as much of the $20ish we have leftover after bills this month so I’ve posted my wishlists everywhere. I just bought food for everyone a couple weeks ago, so that’s taken care of. I’ve been home making treats for them so that’s been working.

Food wise, we are doing good. we may lose some of the food in the freezer because the seal is not functioning properly and the top part of the freezer is completely frosted over, but dripping wet at the same yeah the fuck.

Alright. I got attacked by mosquitos last night because it was miserably hot and I decided to sleep naked after the shower, fucking serves me right lol. UGH I woke up at 3:30 itching like crazy and then it was stormy all night, didn’t rain, but my arms hurt so bad this morning, along with my head and my left jaw, that’s been hurting for like 4 days now, like right behind my ear. BLAH! It was making me physically sick to my stomach. Randy has the upset stomach pain response all the time. I do not. Its fucking stupid.

Ugh lol. Anywho, what else is going on. We have had storms every day for the last week or so, which has been really nice. There’s been a few days where I’ve woken up around 7 am or so and it has already been raining, so it’s nice and cool. So I’ll go make some coffee and sit out in my porch. I have to sit in one spot because it leaks in the two other spots I could possibly sit and there’s a couch in the other spot. So yeah. The rain actually woke me up two nights ago at like 2:30. I totally expected our yard to be obliterated, but surprisingly there was no damage. I could tell the washes ran, but nothing too crazy.

I had my actemra on Monday. Yesterday we didn’t do much of anything, and then today we’re just here. Randy went to Target to finish his welding thing and then we don’t have anything else going on the rest of the week so that will be cool. Hmmmmm yeah, I s’pose that is about it. Have a good one.

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