When Embarrassing Moments Ain’t So Bad in “LIFE IN THE TIMES OF CORONA: On A Mass Exile”

  • July 19, 2021, 3:37 a.m.
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I don’t remember the last time I was most embarrassed. Honestly, I often try not to think about such moments. I have plenty, believe me. As a clumsy tomboy, I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments. Some have made me want to crawl into a hole and never come out again.

Thankfully, that awful feeling never really lasts. I don’t know if it has something to do with my weird sense of humor, my rare self-confidence, or both. Throughout the years, I have finally learned to accept that:

  1. If this life were a rom-com, I’d never be that flawless, princess-type character. I’d probably be more of a geeky klutz. You know, the character who often does silly, embarrassing things in public and somehow makes herself a laughing stock to many.

  2. Whatever it is, I’ll be just fine. Hmm, maybe it’s my tough dad who had always told me not to be a coward and just deal with life as it is. It’s funny, though, considering how he’d always been the one afraid of making mistakes.

Despite my quirks, not all the embarrassing moments I’ve had turned into a disaster. Yep, especially when it involves really good-looking guys. I’m not joking here.

Scene 1:
I was at a business gala dinner at a local co-working space in 2017. I had a plate of pastries. Jamming one with a tiny fork, I was about to put one into my open mouth when suddenly – gasp! – the darn pastry was torn, slipped off the fork, and landed back on my plate. Not only that, the white, creamy topping went splat! on my face.

Okay, people. Don’t start having any kinky ideas at the sight of me …

I was wiping my face with a napkin, secretly hoping no one would notice. That was when I heard a soft chuckle from a few feet away. I looked up, and – to my dismay – a tall, bearded, and handsome guy was clearly laughing at me. I automatically grinned. Before I knew it, I blurted out like Bridget Jones would do at moments like this:

“Hehe … this is the first time I dealt with a pastry which refused to be eaten.”

He laughed even harder. I thought he’d leave me alone after having enjoyed me as a short-lived entertainment bit. He walked towards me instead.

“Well, you know what to do with that.”

The next thing I knew, we started chatting and getting to know each other. Apparently, he was a German businessman, trying to close a deal with some local partnership here. I felt a little down when I learned that he’d already had a girlfriend, but at least he still wanted us to be friends. We’d even added each other on Facebook on that same night.

Although we’re never more than friends, we sometimes still talk on Facebook. He’s back home now. Sometimes he’d tell me about the cool poetry gigs where he was – and knowing how much I love poetry, he said I’d love attending them. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to visit his country, but that sounds like an invitation.

Scene 2:
I was working part-time at this foreign language school when I met him. I only taught on Saturdays back then, but I’d show up on Friday evenings to prepare for my lessons.

One Saturday morning, I showed up a little late. Since all the teacher’s cubicles at the co-working space had already been occupied, I decided to sit at another. I simply grabbed a chair, put my stuff on the table, and then went to teach my first class.

During the break, I returned and got my biggest shock of the day:

My stuff had already been moved to a corner table – and someone’s laptop was sitting on the table I’d picked that morning!

I went rigid with anger for a while. I was about to yell at whoever had done it when that person showed up. It was a short, bald guy wearing glasses. He was sitting in front of his laptop, oblivious to my glare.

Then, as if the universe had suddenly put a hold on me, I stopped. I breathed and realized something:

Wait. I’m only here on Saturday.

I carefully walked behind him and stopped. Overcome with embarrassment, I suddenly blurted out:

“Sorry … I didn’t know this was your table.”

The bald guy turned to me – and smiled. At that moment, I was thankful that I’d decided not to yell at him.

“It’s okay,” he responded calmly. “I’m only here for a bit. I don’t always show up on Saturdays.”

“Okay.” I smiled. Just like what happened with the German guy, I ended up getting to know this Estonian guy. Not only that, he’d gotten to know my best friend on a different occasion and the three of us had grown close.

So, why am I telling you this? It turns out that oftentimes in the real world, we girls don’t need to try too hard to appear flawless. Embarrassing moments are mostly just normal accidents. We’ll get over them soon. Besides, there are guys who feel much safer interacting with us, only because we act human. These nice guys like the fact that we still feel confident, despite our silly mistakes and quirks.


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