More Happening in At the foot of the hill

  • July 18, 2021, 9:06 a.m.
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Since I last wrote, Daughter has secured a lovely senior-friendly apartment for us to move into. The current tenants are having a house built and have been promised they can keep the apartment until the house is ready. The way things are in the construction industry these days, that could be way past October which is when the house is supposed to be done.
Bob and I have gone ahead and booked the movers for mid-September. The plan is to store our stuff and ourselves at said daughter’s home until the apartment is ready. We also hired professional packers. Figured we just aren’t up to THAT big job. All we have to do is continue the de-cluttering.
We also have made arrangements to get US up there, since family thinks we shouldn’t drive that far. Of course, they are right. Our nephew who lived with us three years when he was in high school has a lovely large motor home and a car trailer and since he “has nothing else to do” since his wife passed away in November, he has offered to drive down from western Montana and take us and our little car to our new home in northeast Montana.
In the mean time, Bob is getting better and stronger every day. Got the staples out of the back of his head Friday. He has appointments tomorrow with his VA doctor (on the phone) and physical therapy (in home). Just wish he could get rid of at least one or the other of the oxygen or the neck brace. He has appointments for X-rays and heart Echo, and with pulmonologist and spinal specialist, not to mention dermatologist and eye doctor in the next few weeks.

MageB July 20, 2021

Very nice to catch up.

crystal butterfly July 20, 2021

Sounds like plans are going well.

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