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  • July 17, 2021, 1:53 a.m.
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Last night Harrison didn’t go to sleep until 9:30pm, me and Dave went to sleep straight after him. Over the next six hours, the boys both woke up four times each. It’s very unlike Harrison, but he kept waking up crying and Dave went into him each time. Billy was also restless and we brought him into our bed just after 11pm. He spent the rest of the night squirming about, complaining because he’s very congested and can’t breathe properly when he’s lying down. He then got up for the day at 4am…so me and Dave didn’t get much sleep at all last night.

Today I took Harrison to gymnastics, which he enjoyed, and then I took him to the park where he quickly made friends with a boy who shared his cars with him and they ran around after each other, which was very cute.

It was when I was pushing Harrison on a swing that I discovered he had brought home the sickness bug that’s been going round his nursery. It was very unpleasant, it reeked of cheese as he had a cheese sandwich for his lunch. It might be a while before I can eat cheese again 🤢 I had to strip off every item of his clothing right there in the playground, except for his pants of course, but including his shoes, so I then had to carry his naked self and his puke stained clothes back to the car. I had bought him a drink in the park and he was guzzling it in the car on the way home, no matter how many times I told him to drink it slowly.

We got home and I told him if he felt sick again, to do it in the potty. Bless his little self, he stuck his head in the potty and brought up the entire drink that I told him not to guzzle. I was very proud of him doing it in the potty! Until he sat up and puked again all down his clean t-shirt and the rug. He then sat there and cried while I sat there heaving, vaguely waving cloths and wet wipes in his general direction and trying to figure out how to clean lumpy vomit off the rug…

The washing machine is certainly earning its keep the last couple of days as he also had diarrhoea at nursery yesterday, which went all over his clothes, and I had to go and collect him just after lunch.

To add to Billy’s cold and Harrison’s sickness, I’ve had a horrible chesty cough for the last few days. I’ve done a COVID test and it’s negative. But it seems that Dave is the only one not suffering from any sort of lurgy!

I’ve had better days. Aren’t children just delightful?

Mamie July 17, 2021

poor thing. I hope he feels better soon

Complicated Disaster July 17, 2021

Ick! xx

Camdengirl July 17, 2021

Germ magnets, I tell you… hope they recover quickly!

history of love July 17, 2021

Sounds horrid, hopefully everyone feels better soon xx

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