• July 13, 2021, 10:26 a.m.
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TUESDAY: My brain seems to be awake enough to quilt. That’s what I hope, anyway.
WEDNESDAY: Nope, I was in a semi-vegetative state most of the day. Darn it. We will see if today is better. Went with G to OT, Saw RN later. Kept falling asleep.
THURSDAY: Shower, laundry, naps, reading, and more laundry. If only I could stay awake.
FRIDAY: All day Thursday calls from Doctor’s offices for new appointments with many new doctor’s. I ended up short of temper. Today Smogging Grumpy with Margot driving.

  • Himself: Costco.
  • Myself: Read and quilt.
  • Reading: Johnson.
  • Watching: KPBS: GBBS #3 to the Semi-final.
  • Photo: Mage.
  • Weather: 15 % chance of rain.
  • Gratitude’s: That I have been to my Tuesday Morning Women’s meeting. That I have been on a five day hiatus from the immunotherapy.

Last updated July 16, 2021

Zipster July 13, 2021

Quilting sounds like a lovely meditation past time! Have a happy 5 day reprieve from immunotherapy!

NorthernSeeker July 14, 2021

That deep purple colour is so beautiful.

Marg July 14, 2021

Yay for getting back to it - hope it was a satisfying session!

aunty EM July 14, 2021

Good for you!

Adventure before Dementia July 14, 2021

Wow, you have a fast lane! Here it's slow and slower!

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