SMALLS in Postcards 4

  • July 10, 2021, 1:55 p.m.
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(A ‘small’ is a little bit of an item in an antique or collectible store. It’s like a lone salt cellar or a teaspoon.)

Marta came to clean today with her daughter. That got them out of here in two hours instead of four. I really appreciate them yet feel a little guilty sitting in a chair and puffing. George moved around them putting dishes in the dishwasher, drying a load of laundry, and hustling me back upstairs.

The good Doc said I’m anemic…that’s what the result of the low B-12 is. So I am tired. Very. I came home, after the doctor’s visit, do all those underappreciated exercises, and suddenly take a two hour nap. That was unwanted. They say I need to weigh myself more often to track the water since I am not taking any water pills. I also get five days off the non-chemo chemo. Already my brain feels clearer.

Maybe I will be able to tackle Bobbie’s quilt before Tuesday.

Bobbie said she would be in town today.

All the pressure sores are healing at last.

We have lift off.

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  • Himself: He can touch his thumb to his middle finger.
  • Myself: Puffing less.
  • Reading: Johnson.
  • Watching: Netflix: There’s nothing on regular TV.
  • Photo: 1983, I found a wealth of kid flics, Margot/Laka, and wanted to share them. Top: Mine at thhe Mission Beach Plunge. Bottom: 1980, Connie Anderson.
  • Weather: Clouds blowing in from the desert. So strange.
  • Gratitude’s: For the cooler weather here at the beach.

Marg July 12, 2021

Good news about the pressure sores! Are you going to get treatment for the anaemia?

NorthernSeeker July 14, 2021

Nice to find those pictures. I hope you and George continue to mend.

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