So much happening Part 1 in At the foot of the hill

  • July 8, 2021, 11:45 p.m.
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Since last I wrote. We made the decision to pack up and move to Montana. While we were there visiting our daughter we got on the wait list at a very nice assisted living facility. Daughter began looking for a place for us to stay until our name comes up…the guess is about 2+ years.
I began the process, making calls to moving companies for bids, our present marketing department here to see what our obligations are, doctors for appointments, and so forth.
And then, BOOM!!! Literally.
Bob took a fall and hit his head. Trying to remember how to even use the phone I finally got 911 and then called son, Mike. It was 10:30 PM when the paramedics got him into a neck brace and into the ambulance.
Mike arrived just as they were leaving. He cleaned up the blood while I got dressed and then we headed to the hospital…Not our regular hospital, but a good one that we have used a time or two.
After hours in the ER we were told that his shoulder and arm were not broken, but they suspected a small crack in a neck vertebrae and wanted him admitted. Problem with that was they did not have a bed for him there so had to make several phone calls to find a suitable place to send him to. They wanted one of the closest hospitals with an A-1 trauma rating.
In the meantime they stitched up the cut on the back of his head, filled him full of pain meds and the wait began,
About 1:30 Mike decided to take me home and then he went back to the hospital.
(to be continued)

Last updated July 08, 2021

crystal butterfly July 08, 2021

Oh, my. I hope no small crack in the vertebrae.

MageB July 09, 2021

I am so sorry.....reading on.

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