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  • July 7, 2021, 4:43 p.m.
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How long has it been since I’ve updated?! Forever! So much has happened since my “Nope” entry. I don’t want to forget stuff, so I’ve made a little list and I’ll have to fill in details later. Here’s what’s been going on:

Chemo #8: They are getting rougher, but I am stronger than chemo. Number 8 tried to take me down, and I gave in for a bit and slept for approximately 20 hours almost straight and then got up and got moving, literally! The move happened over the weekend and into this week. It was slow-going, but chemo didn’t keep me down, that fucker! Boom!

The Cyclist: We’ve taken things down a million notches and I’m glad. He helped me a little with my move and I was grateful for that. He may not be the perfect guy for me, but then who is? He might become a good friend; he might become more; he might disappear. All I know right now is that since I’ve moved (this week), we now live very close to each other and it’s good to know people in close proximity.

The Move: As I said above, it happened. And I actually accepted help from my brother (who was willing to do a lot more than I even asked of him), the Cyclist, my friend M. and others. And there are more people who volunteered and I love them. I want to see them all and I want to let everyone come over and help me unbox things…I just don’t know where I want to put things so that makes it difficult! Ha. I will get there.

The New Place: Oh, so MUCH to write about this! I woke up this morning in a whole new place and it felt soooooooo wonderful! My new building is a lot like living in a luxurious hotel. I haven’t lived in a concierge building in forever and I’d forgotten how nice it is to let them do little things for you! The new place should also get a whole entry. In fact, the swimming pools alone might need to get whole entries (for example, I walked over to one of the pools on Saturday and who did I see? The Bulldog?! See? Much to write!).

My New Commute to Work: Haha. I guess I’ve had it easy living downtown and commuting to a suburb for work. It was a direct shot. My new commute takes about the same amount of time but takes me on about 5 different major highways with loop de loops and merges and lots of other wild gyrations. I actually got lost on my way to work this morning.

Thoughts on Travel: So many peeps are out and about and traveling all over the world and I have thoughts. Yeah, I’m a little jealous and I want to be done with this treatment so I can go, go, go… but I have to wait a little longer. But where to go once this treatment is done…

Anyway, just a few things I’m thinking about right now. I won’t have internet in my new place until tomorrow after work, but I wanted to pop on and say that I’m still here and I’m still going and I want to write and write and write about it all!

Sending tons of love,

Complicated Disaster July 07, 2021

I'm soooooooooooooooo excited for you about your new place. And excited about travel too... but.... not quite yet... xx

colder July 07, 2021

Glad the move went well! I'm going to be unpacking from mine forever I think, haha.

sourapple July 08, 2021

The new place sounds amazing! Even with it's nightmare commute. Craving those pool details so I can live vicariously.

Gangleri July 08, 2021

That’s a lotta stuff, but it sounds pretty good overall.

plushcreep July 08, 2021

I've seen your IG pics and the new place is beautiful. Love all the windows and the view!

Elaine Benes July 08, 2021

New place looks amazing! Now that you’re moved you can take a little time with unpacking. Take it easy a bit. And when you’re ready up get out there traveling, I highly recommend Greece! We are having a great time.

Marg July 09, 2021

The new place sounds amazing - so glad you had plenty help with the move and that you’re loving being there, despite the commute!

bobbi01 July 13, 2021

Yay for being moved in. And for having a pool. Can't believe the Bulldog resurfaced though!

pandora July 14, 2021

The new place sounds wonderful!! And I’m glad you were able to sleep off the after effects of chemo - you are such a star, seriously.

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