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  • July 2, 2021, 10:18 a.m.
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Jim subscribes on line to the LaCrosse Tribune and reads/checks it every morning. He knew that Biden was going to be in SW Wisconsin the other day but not that he would be in LaCrosse. I think that is Presidential Security - it gives you and idea but isn’t specific. So anyway. That was good news.

Today he read about the Loggers. They have lost 9 consecutive games. Last night the Duluth Huskies came to town and got way ahead way quick. They’d been beaten badly by a team called the Mud Hens not long ago.

I was glad I wasn’t there. It’s painful to lose but somebody has to, it’s part of the game, but to be behind five or six runs in the early innings and have (almost) no chance of catching up is rough for players and fans alike.

We haven’t been to a game this year, and of course we didn’t get to any last year. There were a few years we went quite often. I love the Loggers. They have such a nice playing field -it’s just such a nice event.

The newspaper said there were 1900 some people there. There used to be more than 3000. That’s incredibly sad too. The Loggers win or lose used to draw more people than any other team in the Northwoods league - except one, I forget who. There are lots bigger cities in the league. I’m sure Duluth is bigger than LaCrosse and Madison and Rochester MN and Waterloo IA.

I was a proud fan of the Loggers. They would do pretty well, had a few players going to the big leagues, and it was a joyful place to go. We once went with the kids, and Katie and Will were picked to carry the inning number sign across the front of the stands. Their careful parents didn’t understand the practice and watched very carefully.

Oh well. I hope we get to a game this year. The season ends in early August - these are college kids and they need to get back to school. There is joy in playing a sport. There is learning in losing, perhaps more than in winning. But it’s not a lot of fun.

Life is so full of lessons.

NorthernSeeker July 02, 2021

Covid concerns are probably part of the reason the games aren't as popular right now. There are a lot of loyal fans of major league baseball teams that have had a terrible record...the Montreal Expos of my childhood for one. Part of the brotherhood of fans is loyalty despite the records...that binds people together.

ODSago July 02, 2021

Oh yessssssss. The joy in winning is the payoff. and that's enough for some to devote their lives to winning. Not a bad bargain, actually. Hey, I have finished throwing about my life....not really but as it existed on paper, huge bags of paper and joy and tears. Such an endeavor!

noko July 02, 2021

Choosing to move to a city with no baseball team, not even the minors was a hard call for me. I love baseball, at least before the games turned and had faster pitching and less fielding. It is hard to lose repeatedly. I still love the game though and I hope they win and you get to see it.

Just Annie July 03, 2021

I love AAA baseball more than the Major League. The Mud Hens are from Toledo, farm team for the Detroit Tigers. They have very nice facilities in downtown Toledo. Parking isn't bad and there are many restaurants, too. Katie thought of getting tickets for tonight's game, but they are $45 each because of the fireworks which follow.

woman in the moon Just Annie ⋅ July 03, 2021

I mistaked. Loggers play Mud Puppies. I should go back and fix it. Should have done it yesterday when the mistake was fresher.
LOggers tickets are a lot cheaper. They have firewworks and a bunch of patriotic stuff that drives Jim crazy.

Beret July 03, 2021

Still plenty of time to go to a game. You should go. It's outdoors. You're vaccinated, right? Should be an ok thing to do.

woman in the moon Beret ⋅ July 03, 2021

Right. We just haven't gotten around to it.
First year in a long time I haven't marked all the home games on the kitchen calendar.

Jinn July 03, 2021

I am not into sports but I can relate to the motivation :-)

Neogy Titwhistle July 03, 2021

There was an NPR story about how the minor league players are paid less than minimum wage, but it is the only gateway to the major league. Didn't seem fair to me.

woman in the moon Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ July 04, 2021

I know. Are you a fan of the movie Bull Durham? I always say Sarandon's recent politics ruined the movie for me. I also saw - should look up the name - a recent Costner HORROR movie that I had to turn off.
The Loggers are minor minor leagues. They are college players often between freshman and sophomore years. I don't know if the fact that they are that young makes it better or worse when they lose 9 in a row.
My grandson has been playing Little League. It's vastly expensive and time consuming, huge family commitment. They all try so hard and he hasn't had a lot of success. And winters - basketball!! He's a good kid. It's a good family. But I think of what they ALL could accomplish doing something else.

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