A FREE DAY in Postcards 4

  • June 30, 2021, 1:33 p.m.
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I try to write a little something on a topic when I post here. Most days I am pretty good at it, but some days not. Down at the bottom of my entry is a small list that might fill in left out information. I tell what G is up to, what I am doing, what I am grateful for, and the trivia of my reading and TV watching too.

There is also a little blurb about the photo at the top of the page. If I wasn’t the photographer, I say this. Usually I tell you what the subject of the photo is or if it is copyrighted. If I Photoshop the image I might tell you this too.

Most of you aren’t reading my list. I keep getting requests for information. Yesterday’s photo is of the Ocean Beach Hostel which evokes the 1960’s hippdome. Today’s photo description is down below.

Himself: A totally empty day.
Myself: Ditto, so going window shopping.
Reading: Almost done with:
• 2nd time: Monuments Men: True story of the Monuments Men: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/true-story-monuments-men-180949569/
• Monuments men Italy: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-monuments-men-saved-italys-treasures-180948005/
Watching: KPBS: Watching recorded Finding your Roots and Top Chef.
Photo: Photographer, Zoe. Taken Perry’s, June 2021 with Margot’s phone just before she dropped it and broke it. Cropped and darkened in Photoshop.
Gratitude’s: For a free day.

woman in the moon June 30, 2021

I see the smiles behind the masks.

aunty EM July 01, 2021

I always read your list. Don't always follow your references, but always read the list. How else can I get to know you better?

NorthernSeeker July 02, 2021

That is a great recent photo of you, George, and Mikayla taken by Zoe. I always skip down to the bottom of your entry first to find out about the photos...one of my quirks I guess.

Kristi1971 July 04, 2021

I love how you do this. :)

Marg July 04, 2021

I always read your lists because I like the info you give in them :)

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