COMIC CON 2021 in Postcards 4

  • June 12, 2021, 2:14 p.m.
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There will be a virtual Comic Con again this year. I’m sorry about that as I love to take photographs of the attendees and their costumes. Some are stunning. Even the half done ones are worth recording for posterity. There’s all the professionals with their splendid camera’s and lenses grouped around the person in costume, and there’s me rolling on by with my point and shoot.

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The Comic Con folks sent us a letter asking us to tell them what we did as volunteers this last year. I haven’t answered yet. What can I say. “I spent the year dealing with cancer.” That’s a better than, “Nothing.” At least G kept volunteering at the Automotive Museum right up until he defingered his hand. I will think of something to write today so they can justify keeping us on as volunteers.

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  • Himself: All his exercises and Epsom salts et al.
  • Myself: Coughing, writing, reading, eating too. Thinking about pulling the Wordpress blog as only two friends read it, and one of them notes on Blogger.
  • Reading:
  • Watching: NETFLIX
  • Photo: My Comic Con photos.
  • Gratitude’s: It’s a beautiful sunny day.

Jinn June 12, 2021

Great pictures!

Marg June 13, 2021

Aw that’s a shame but at least it keeps the connection going to some degree. And I bet folk make the same effort with the costumes!

NorthernSeeker June 13, 2021

I think you could rightly say that you promoted Comic Con by posting the fabulous Comic Con photos you take. I learned of Comic Con when I read your diary.

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