SHE WANTS A HUG in Postcards 4

  • June 9, 2021, 11:32 a.m.
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We got a phone call the other day telling us that Zoe wants a hug from Grandma. I have to tell you that grandma is delighted. Zoe had her second shot just two weeks ago, and I can now give her a giant hug.

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I didn’t feel free to do this before as I am considered high risk. She’s hugged grampa, but I could only tell her that grandma hugs would come two weeks after her last shot. Perhaps we will take them out to breakfast, and I will hug her all through the meal.

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I know you have seen all my pictures of Zoe, but I thought I would share these bits of joy with you again. Hug pictures to follow.

  • Himself: He came home with a multitude of exercises which he is supposed to do once an hour.
  • Myself: Forgot and ate something before the fasting CT scan…mea culpa.
  • Reading: Johnson.
  • Watching: Netflix: Bake!
  • Photo: Top: 2007 picking on Grampa with glee, 2010 with her brother and a sister, 2020 with grandma.
  • Gratitude’s: That Zoe wants to hug me.

gattaca June 09, 2021

I think that's wonderful.🌞

toddslife June 09, 2021

great photos

Narrator June 09, 2021


Marg June 10, 2021

Nothing better than a hug from a granddaughter :)

Jinn June 10, 2021

Very cute!

NorthernSeeker June 13, 2021

Awww Zoe. She is such a beautiful, alive-looking girl. I hope you went out for breakfast and had a great time.

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