• June 9, 2021, 1:14 a.m.
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Like going out alone at night
without wearing any gloves and masks
during this pandemic era
when infection cases are sky high.

Like feeling indifferent
when the one you love
chooses another man or woman
over you, as if you’re not enough.

Yeah, so what?
Why do I have to cry
over my limited moving space?
I still keep my job.
There are people I don’t have to face.

I’m not going to die
just because he doesn’t love me.
It still stings like a bitch
and I won’t lie,
but it doesn’t have to be
such a tragedy.

Like feeling cold to the touch
that you may find me wicked.
My armor and shield?
They keep me protected.

Like looking at your enemy
as if they’re nothing
but irrelevant distractions.
Why worry?
Remove them and you’re free.

It’s a matter of how you want it to be.


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