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  • June 8, 2021, 9:41 a.m.
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The big, ruffled poppies are blooming across the street at the track. It has been windy so getting a decent shot is not so easy. This is the time where we move from spring to summer and the wild sweet peas, grasses and Queen Anne’s lace are coming on as well as the bike lane nemesis, wild blackberries. They are everywhere. I surreptitiously ate a raspberry from a vine of a neighbor gardener down at the plot the other day.

We went to the vet yesterday for monitoring labs and a checkup. Diego was thrilled to hear that he could have a few more treats now and then as his weight is just a tad bit down. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with his appetite.

Through breathwork and movement I know how to stabilize and balance a human’s digestion, but with Diego it is a lot trickier. He had a rough patch when we got home and was following me around looking for comfort the rest of the day.

He is, I am thrilled to say, resting comfortably next to me, sleeping it all off now.

Has anybody read The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin? I got the audiobook in the before times and started it but was totally at sea about the world and how it worked. Looking for something to read last month I tried again, and, in the end, I bought the e-book version and started reading it in print.

It made a lot more sense. It is still pretty unforgiving and dark but well-wrought. I alternated between the two formats and sometimes read and listened at the same time. I haven’t watched The Underground Railroad but the acts of cruelty in that, based on historical fact, were mirrored in creative ways as well in this book and are a bit hard to take and so it took me longer than usual to get through. But of course, because she is a fabulous storyteller I have now moved onto the next in the series.

I feel like I am drifting a bit with all the anxiety and uncertainty about reopening.

The church is going to open again for services in September. I am assuming I can have “my” old room back for classes, but I need to find that out. I am still going to teach online.

I am thinking about starting a “Physical Therapy Club” online. This would be at say 8 AM four or five days a week where folks can log on and say hi, (I can do a warm-up for a few moments) and then actually do (radical thought, I know) the exercises their therapist has given them and then we do a little relaxation at the end. ½ hour total.

If one doesn’t have a practice from a Physio, I can recommend a simple movement practice for bringing ease into the joints. I can have, say 15 minutes before for participants to log in and chat if they like. The time slot wouldn’t work for folks in New Zealand and Australia but would work for Europe.

If it is a go, I could add a session that is more accessible to those that can’t make it live because of the time slot.

It would be inexpensive, like $10 a month.

Do you have Physical Therapy exercises you are not doing, or know people who do? There is a huge percentage of the population that needs a little structure to get these things done in. And when we do our exercises, we feel better, and one would be doing a program designed specifically for the individual’s needs.

Or at least that is the plan. The demands on PT’s these days are ridiculous in terms of time allowed with a patient.

Okay, it is time to go see how my bug feeding vegetable array is doing down at the garden.

May today be a good one for us all.

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Marg June 09, 2021

The PT Club sounds like a really good idea! I like that you can suggest exercises to do for unhappy joints as well if there’s no specific PT been prescribed. That might actually be a possibility for me timewise depending on which days it’s on.

Jinn June 09, 2021

Fingers crossed!
That club is a great idea !

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