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  • June 8, 2021, 8:22 a.m.
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Chemo today, second one with the two chemos and hope the after effects won’t be too bad.

Last week I had the one chemo and the after effects were not as bad as the first time, which was a little tiredness and a little nauseous feeling. This time around, I didn’t have any nauseous feeling and wasn’t real tired. I don’t feel real great today but I didn’t sleep very well at all last night, ate in the middle of the night, at least it wasn’t junk, and the heat wave that we are having I think is all contributing to how I am feeling today.

I do have a medication that I can take for feeling nauseous and they given me something in the it as well but I didn’t feel nauseous enough to take the added medication. I made up some peppermint tea which I will take with me. That seemed to do the trick for feeling nauseous versus the ginger tea and definitely not doing the turmeric/ginger tea cuz I think I oded on it last time, ha ha.

ConnieK June 08, 2021

Prayers going up now!

Queensuzu1 ConnieK ⋅ June 08, 2021

Thanks, just did some amazon shopping and feel much better😂😂

ConnieK Queensuzu1 ⋅ June 08, 2021

:) That's my solution, too. Just picked up a fabulous double label jacket from Lord & Taylor for $39!

Jinn June 09, 2021

Fingers crossed ! Hoping you have no side effects !

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