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I grew up watching the original “Charmed” TV series. Piper Halliwell (Holly-Marie Combs) is my favorite character there. She’s one of the three witch sisters. She has the ability to freeze time whenever she feels the need to.

Of course, I watched the rebooted version too. I also like Melanie “Mel” Vera (Melonie Diaz). Just like Piper from the original series, Mel is one of the three witch sisters. Just like Piper too, she has the ability to freeze time whenever she wants to.

However, we’re not going to talk about all of them – or both versions of the TV series. Let’s get back to the real world, shall we?

Have you ever wished that you could freeze time? What would you do that for? How long would you freeze time for it?

These days, almost everything feels like being set to a pause. Some things have completely stopped or shut down. Other things are slowing down.

When this happens, moving on and forward feels like a real challenge. You’re already in your comfort zone – or so you seem. Why do you need to move out at all? Why do these changes have to happen?

I Wish I Could Freeze Time For These:
We may get these feelings after some really wonderful things have passed. I have plenty of examples:

Holidays. Music concerts. Hanging out with my best friends. Travelling, either out of town or abroad. Carrying and swaying my nephews and niece in my arms when they were still babies, singing them to sleep …

To some people, wanting to freeze time for certain moments may feel sad. It’s the feeling of not wanting to let go. After all, we all want to keep the good things in life with us.

I remember my several past trips out of town and overseas. Three days in Singapore and another three in Bali. Then another three in Bandung. Years after that, a week in Sydney.
I remember telling my best friend Hazel Eyes that I didn’t want to go home.

I also remember when MaRose – my other best friend Ian’s mother – video-called me out of the blue the first time. She’d visited my city once to meet her son. We had lunch and tea-time after that.

MaRose is an amazing woman. I’m not saying this because she’s my best friend’s mom. She’s hip, cheerful and full of radiance and life.

That night (her day), we talked for a couple of hours or so. She showed me the beautiful nature at her place, the barn house, and her cat Zeke. The springtime was ahead.

Do you know what else had made me wish I could freeze time back then? The idea that I could still visit a lot of places I want to someday. The hugs from people who mean the world to me.
This may sound sad to you, especially during this #Covid19 pandemic. However, there’s also another reason I sometimes wish I could just freeze time:

I just need to remind myself, okay? I need some more time to enjoy the moment, to reflect on it.

Most importantly, I need to make sure that I’ll never forget those moments. That way, I’ll learn to appreciate them even more once they’re really gone.

Not everybody gets their second chances at things that they love. Sometimes you only have it once, so that’s why it’s best that you appreciate each moment.

That way – hopefully – you won’t (have to) wish you could freeze time. You’ve enjoyed it enough.


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