Currents in June 2021 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • June 3, 2021, 2:38 a.m.
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Current Annoyance: Myself. I just feel blah and a bit run down.

Current Bane of My Existence: Still my brother. He is still not my favorite human being

Current Book: I am listening to Armada. I need to get Red Rising, on CD or audible to be burned onto CD.

Current Clothing Thoughts: I need a couple more Mass Effect shirts.

Current Color: Blue

Current Crush: Tali Zorah vas Normandy. Once again this hasn’t changed.

Current Drink: I had some Dr Pepper earlier.

Current Excitement(s): Uhm. I got to play Sidereal Confluence last night, that was pretty exciting.

Current Feeling: Anxious, headachy, mild depression, feeling blah.

Current Fetish: Skirts with knee high stockings and/or knee high boots.

Current Films: I watched network earlier this month, I forgot how good it was (And sadly prophetic)

Current Food: I had some turnovers before, not spicy or cheesy, but still decent.

Current Goal: Still rudderless, I’ve been looking at these board games to sell forever but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Current Image(s): Not many this month, and for some reason they go away after awhile because facebook is stupid, but here is a couple:
alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Current Indulgence: I think i want a frozen mocha.

Currently Listening To: Match game 75

Current Love: Friends, my kitties. This hasn’t changed, still true.

Current Mindfork: I wish this packers drama would end

Current Mood: Meh x2

Current Music: Nothing, i’m not really musical.

Current Music Video: Still nothing.

Current Outfit: Packers shirt, pants, my ring, nothing out of the ordinary.

Current Project: I need to get back on my game design, still true.

Current Self-Image Thoughts: Hahahaha.. oh thats funny. hahahahaha.

Current Slang or Saying: Dingalings! (My friends mom actually thought i was actually insulting people when i was calling people that, i was actually deflated a bit when she said that)

Current Song Lyrics: Nothing.

Current Triumph: Uhm. I got mass effect legendary edition. I’m playing through it, nearly done, i’ll probably play it again in a few months, i think its topped final fantasy VIII as my favorite games.

Current TV Show: Match Game 75.

Current Wish List: I’m gonna try to make it to origins, and get a PS5 somehow. wishful thinking..

and of course its pride month. And as a friend and ally to the LGBTQIA+ crowd (I affectionally call it rainbow salad) I’m always available to come out to, talk to and the like. This is true 24/7/365.

Have a good night.

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