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  • May 31, 2021, 3:25 a.m.
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85: The first two family gathering, and the last Thanksgiving. Mother, Margaret Barnum Dowd (Madgie), is to the left in her apartment dining room. In front is George, and behind him are his mom and dad, John and Ruby.

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95: John was a dashing figure. He wore his smashed nose with verve. During WWII he worked on B29 engines in the heat of India on aircraft that crossed over the hump. Later he worked as a head contractor for a firm that built infrastructure in India, Pakistan, and Vietnam. For many years he and his wife managed apartments in the San Diego area. He died very quickly of a melanoma.

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97: Ruby’s funeral: Me, George, John and his wife LaRue. Ruby waited out WWII for a gentleman that didn’t return. She accepted John’s’ proposal, and she had two children by him…John and George. She always worked with her organizational mind. She missed John terribly.

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06: We visit. We still visit. Paint in the letters of both names has worn off now. George is thinner. I am wider. We managed to get my scooter out of the trunk and visited Dale too.

  • Himself: Playing space games. Surprising me with a daughter/granddaughter visit bringing a cake for my 37 years.
  • Myself: Ate a lot of frosting.
  • Reading: Johnson, “Junkyard Dogs.”
  • Watching: Netscape: GBBS
  • Photo: Mine and Ft. Rosecrans worker.
  • Gratitude’s: That I was able to get out of bed this morning.

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toddslife May 31, 2021

nice photos

Ragdolls May 31, 2021

Looking at the first photo reminded me of my in-laws. They had two racks with souvenir spoons and the same salt & pepper shakers.

Jinn May 31, 2021

Nice pictures! ❤️

Marg May 31, 2021

Lovely memories! Did John go a long time before Ruby?

Narrator June 01, 2021

Cake and visitors! Another gathering. I hope it was lovely.

NorthernSeeker June 01, 2021

I think YOU were the dashing figure in '95. Congrats on overcoming obstacles to maintain a tradition.

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