Acrobatic Make-Up Sex in Drugs 'n Drunk

  • May 26, 2021, 3:25 a.m.
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It was close to summer time. I was with Erin, her bf Max, and Jessica. Erin and Max wanted to go to the park on the mountain and smoke a joint. I was all for that but Jess had taken a dose of ecstasy and was having an ill reaction. They left and I stayed at the apartment babysitting her.
At one point she was crawling on all fours from the rest room after puking. I was pissed ‘cause I wanted to go with Erin and Max. I was pissed ‘cause she was so fucked up. But I did sit and talk with her. I was seventeen at that time. Or eighteen.
Weird time to be alive.
There was one might we smoked in my backyard and the stuff was so heavy that after everyone left I crashed hard. Cue to twelve hours later I’m waking up still high. That was twenty-one years ago. 🤔

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