My EDS Challenge Day 24- Future Goals in Hypermobile Life

  • May 24, 2021, 12:31 p.m.
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I am taking part in #MyEDSChallenge and #MyHSDChallenge with the Ehlers Danlos Society. Since May is EDS awareness month, every day I will be sharing something about myself and my EDS journey to drive further awareness and community.

Day 24- Future Goals

Now that I have my diagnosis and I pretty much know the life I am in for, I can re adjust my future goals. I dont get to dream of the life I wanted before i was 24, but I have goals and plans I want to work towards even if it takes several years.

1) I need to figure out how to get on my own insurance plan, and find a balance between work and managing my pain.

2) I would love to be able to drive a little bit at a time, and not feel like my whole day is ruined if I have to drive. I currently cant drive or wear certain clothing. I will take baby steps. Maybe someday I wont have to rely on other people for rides to places. But for now I would like to drive 15-20 mins at a time on good days when my pain permits.

3) I would love my own piece of property where I can have my own orange mobile home. Someday. Financially I wont be able to get a loan if I dont have disability or some other income. I am taking applications on roomates who want to live with me and share the expenses! bonus points if they are a fellow EDS’er so we could help eachother. 🧡

4) Financial independence and security and whatever physical independence I can have with the amount of pain I am in.

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