BEFORE AND AFTER in Postcards 4

  • May 21, 2021, 2:17 p.m.
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Before and after: He was working on an old rosewood table. The table saw caught on something in the wood and sent his hand through the saw. During his stay in the hospital, they began giving him insulin. He started on a diet, and not only is his blood sugar level now normal, he is 35 pounds thinner.

  • Himself: Called about a referral for OT. SCRIPPS Medical is recovering from Ransomeware. Helped unload my closet.
  • Myself: Cleaned out the pants to find way too many I can no longer wear. Laundry.
  • Reading: Perry.
  • Watching: Great British Baking Show.
  • Photo: George=me. Hand=George phone.
  • Gratitude’s: That G still has his hand.

gattaca May 21, 2021

My God, that looks worse than I thought. I'm glad G is recovering from this without any complications.
Was blood loss a problem?

MageB gattaca ⋅ May 21, 2021

Yes, it was.

Narrator May 21, 2021

That photo is terrifying - I'm glad he's healing.

Jinn May 21, 2021

Wow, that is one scary laceration. G. Is incredibly fortunate to be healing so well . Have a great weekend !

toddslife May 21, 2021

wow scary

Ragdolls May 21, 2021

Oh my! That wound looks extremely painful and scary. So glad that he's healing!

Marg May 22, 2021

Oh boy that looks really nasty! He was so lucky to have his hand saved! Life can change on a dime can’t it? And good on him for losing so much weight while going through all of that.

NorthernSeeker May 24, 2021

It's so good that G's hand was saved and that they caught his diabetes. He should have some sympathy/ get well presents coming from people when you share that photo around.

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