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  • May 20, 2021, 9:57 p.m.
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So me and my husband aren’t planning kids any time soon but have talked about baby names a bit.
My husband, his dad and his grandpa all have the same middle name, so if he has a son he wants to pass on that name to him! I think thats a fine idea! But my family has a tradition where everyone’s middle name starts with the same letter, (not the letter my husbands starts with) so I thought of giving our son 2 short middle names (my dads and then my husbands) they are both short and my husband picked a short first name but would it be weird to have 2 middles?

Then, I thought it would be cool if I passed my middle name down if we have a daughter! My husband likes that idea but apparently his grandma names 3 of her kids that middle name and 2 of them died as babies and the other one died in his 20’s. So my mother in law and sister in law have already told me that I’m “not allowed” to use that name because it’s “bad luck”. We really wanted that for a middle name, should we continue to plan for that?

My mother In law has also told me multiple times to not name my kids wit unique spelling (which I like) and gave me a list of names she didn’t get to use..

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Telstar May 20, 2021

I'm w/your MIL.

Unique spellings for names can be a life-long curse for the kid.............

JustSurviveSomehow May 21, 2021

You are "allowed" to name your child whatever you want to. My best friend's little boy has 2 middle names for the same reason as you were thinking.

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