• May 18, 2021, 4:01 a.m.
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How are we holding up these days? I know this sounds cliché, but hopefully, all of us are okay.

So, apparently #Covid19 pandemic still wants to take over the center stage of this world. There’s been quite plenty of an upgrade on that virus lately, while the rest of this world is going crazy.

I seriously still have no idea how that really works. Anyway, at least we can still do our part in life, the best way we know how. We can also do these two things altogether:

Looking back … while also moving forward …

How come? How’s that possible? Some say that you can’t move forward if you keep on looking back. Looking back while moving forward may slow you down. Even worse, you may bump into someone or something else in front of you. Accidents may happen.

Really? Does it always have to be like that?

Looking Back
Last year (2020), many people suggested that we surrendered to fate. Set our lives to a pause for self-contemplation or some sort. Reflect on what has been or gone.

That’s when most of us couldn’t help ourselves. We started looking back. There were things we did that we’d either felt good or bad about. Gratitude and regrets.

There are also moments we start taking stock of what’s most important in our lives. I’m sure it’s different for each of us. Some say it’s family, in hopes that all is good between all of the members. Real good friends. Work and activities that you really love. Social communities that you feel safe with.

Your relationship with God.

Not all we have lost should be mourned over. Sometimes it may be for the best. Perhaps some are still worth fighting for or keeping. Who knows? It’s up to us to decide, especially if the window of opportunity is still open.

Looking back also reminds us to appreciate all the good things that we’ve had. Some beautiful moments may only happen once. You cannot recreate events the same way, no matter how hard you try to replicate them.

Moving Forward
How does one move forward? How do we all really do that?

Nobody says this whole thing is easy. I personally have no time nor energy to pay attention to people who enjoy flexing how tough they (think they) are. Go find someone else to be your faithful audience and (maybe) loyal fans.

However, we have no choice. Life goes on. It doesn’t wait on us forever. Yes, you may take your time. Still, at some point in your life, you have to draw the limit and set the deadline.

You can’t control everything. These days, you can only do what you can. It’s just that simple.


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