My EDS Challenge Day 11- Nature in Hypermobile Life

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I am taking part in #MyEDSChallenge and #MyHSDChallenge with the Ehlers Danlos Society. Since May is EDS awareness month, every day I will be sharing something about myself and my EDS journey to drive further awareness and community.

Day 11 of the challenge: Nature/Environment

I am thankful that I can get out and take walks twice a day. The length of my walks depends on my symptoms and weather. When I am walking, I love to look at the plants I encounter. I studied botany in school and I really miss it. So this gives me an outlet for that in a way. Here in Texas I have encountered some new trees. It inspires me to pick up some books and study a bit again. In Illinois, when it it below 40, its really hard for me to walk. So Jan and Feb I try to be in Texas. But even March and April can get cold in IL. So I do need to think about a treadmill.

When I am walking, I get lost in my own thoughts and nature. It is on my walks where I get more clear with myself on what I want and what I am working toward. I guess this is called soul searching. I observe other people, parks, plants, and just the general beauty of the outdoors and the envronment I am in. This happens in both IL and Texas. It makes me appreciate that I can have a taste of two worlds, despite the direction my life has taken. I think walking is more for my mental health sometimes. As much as I need to get out of bed and just move (since I dont do many other excercises) walkng is sometimes my only source of feeling like I have actually accomplished something for the day.

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