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  • May 2, 2021, 11:47 a.m.
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Wednesday I go for a blood test, Thursday i get the port put in and Monday, the 10th, i start treatment. It will be two Mondays and then a week off. The first Monday, i will receive two chemo drugs, should be about an hour and a half. Second week just the one drug which will be an hour. My hair will fall out as the Paxman cooling machine will not be sent from the UK until the middle of May and then staff needs to be trained on it. (I apologize if some of this is repetition).

I have considered a second opinion and treatment would be pretty much the same so I am going w/the doctors that I already have because i do trust them, especially the gyno/oncologist.

Am going to get a wig (the munchkins want to help me pick one out----ha ha, so sweet), and I am going to get a baseball cap w/hair attached for everyday way. Again, I apologize if this is repetitious but since I last wrote, I have done more research and am pretty much set on going this way. Of course, my friend who had undergo chemo and radiation, said that it is good to have a plan but to realize that until i really start undergo treatment, i might change some of my plans, i.e., the wig/hat thing. I got my hair done yesterday, one last hurrah, but i will not start cutting it until after a treatment or two. Right now, I do not anticipate a ḧair cutting/shaving¨ ceremony as such women do, it is not me at least not at this moment.

I did put a deposit on an apartment----had looked at some from the outside and one that was a model apartment but because of COVID most places are virtual. The model that i got to see was beautiful but i did not really like the location and it seemed a little small. My house is about 968 sq. feet and this apartment was about 1100 sq. feet but i also have a sun room, deck and of course the basement, so i think that is why it seemed small. Also, at this complex, the patio did not make my socks fall off. The cats would not be able to really look out because the door to the patio was a regular door and not a sliding door. The apartment that I put the deposit on was actually an apartment I had my eye on before the fire when Jeff had left.

It is a two bedroom, two bath apartment, 2nd floor, balcony which the cats will be safe on. Everyone wants to know why i want a 2nd floor and my son especially is not in favor of me getting a 2nd floor because i might not be able to handle the steps while going thru treatment. That may be true, but while I am living in my house, I have to go up steps to where my bedroom is as well as the bathroom so it would be the same situation. The apartment will not be ready until August 15 and I will be in the middle of treatment but i also have plenty of time to start arranging things. I will probably put my house on the market the beginning of July with a settlement date of late August/early September so I have a couple of weeks to move my stuff in. Ideally I would like to list the house after I would move but it all depends on if a sellers market stays hot. I did apply for a line of credit but it is not as much as I had hoped for so by getting the apartment and banking the house proceeds, hopefully in a year’s time, the housing market will become a buyers market .

Moving in the middle of treatment might not seem ideal and more stressful but I know myself and if i do not have that to divert my mind, i will just become more depressed than i struggle with now.

I am hoping that the week i have off from chemo will give me enough energy to do what i need to do. My friend who had the chemo had two months on and then a month or so off. She said that day of treatment she felt ok and even the next day until about late afternoon. Days 3 and 4 were no energy but by day 5 she was beginning to perk up and days 6 and 7 were good. The doctorś assistant who set me up also said that is pretty much how it would go. I am hoping so because as my mom always told us, we were strong stock because we were half Ukranian, so I am trying to keep that mantra in my mind to get thru this.

Thanks for all your encouragement and taking the time to read this. I know it sounds like i have good plans and am upbeat but everything is subject to change, just gotta keep in mind, momś saying.

ConnieK May 02, 2021

I don't think I'd go the shaven head route, either. If you have trouble with the stairs, get one of those stair lift chairs. My BIL had one and it worked quite well for him. You are not only made of strong stock but you are flexible in your thinking and that will only work in your favor, too.

Jinn May 02, 2021

It’s good to have a plan and yours sound sensible. Make sure you love that apartment and that will make it seem more worthwhile. It’s exciting to move to a new place you feel positive about.
I think you are being very calm and rational about chemo. Your hair will grow back . The important thing is that you be content and having the least stress possible while you are going through it . It would be nice if you could get into a support group for it . Hugs!

Jeepsy19 May 04, 2021

I have to say that although these plans might change, that you're writing it all out. I truly believe that sometimes if we keep things in our heads, even if we think we have it figured out, it can feel bigger than it really is. You now can put it in black and white and go back to re-read whenever you feel you need it. I'm really proud of you!

As for the hair. When my mom had breast cancer, she was just going to let hers fall out naturally, but when it did start coming out it was very depressing for her. The gal who was doing her hair at the time, suggested cutting it off to give her the feeling of control over something that was happening to her. She was going to lose her hair on HER terms, not cancer's. It did seem to help her spirit but everyone is different. You do you - that's really all that matters.

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