MINUTIA in Postcards 4

  • April 21, 2021, 6:04 p.m.
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The Bon Homme Richard was towed off to Texas this week to be scrapped. Arson. They determined that it was a constructive total loss.


I’m really cold. Our friend Michael, who also had lung cancer, was also cold all the time too. It was nice to know.

Weather: No sunshine today. Sprinkles instead. Now that’s truly trivia.

Schedules: Monday was two clinic appointments. The rest of the week has only swim appointments. Next week only swim appointments. I love it.

Eldest daughter finally got both her shots. Zoe has an appointment.

Himself: Off in Space somewhere. Then making a meatloaf and artichoke.

Myself: Reading, here or a book.

Reading: JA JANCE.

Watching: KPBS: Finding Your Roots among others, NCIS, Hemmingway, et al.

Photo: Bon Homme Richard taken from the bridge.

Gratitude’s: That it’s been a wonderful day.

woman in the moon April 21, 2021

I read about the ship. Sad. I wish I could talk to my navy veteran brother about it.

NorthernSeeker April 24, 2021

I hate that being cold symptom I sometimes get with a virus. That would be really hard to take 24/7. Do you take your physical temperature when this happens?

Jinn April 24, 2021

I hate being cold and it’s cold most of the year here. I think I do not go outside enough to build up a tolerance. I take our dogs out and freeze.
It’s sad about that ship.

Kristi1971 April 25, 2021

My step-dad had chemo and radiation for tongue cancer. He has been continuously cold ever since. In fact, they moved from Maine to Georgia to allow him the warmth of the south. He's still cold, but not miserably so.

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