True fucking story and a smoothie recipe in These titles mean nothing.

  • April 17, 2021, 10:53 p.m.
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Maybe it should have been a Fucking true story because it’s not about fucking. If you were mislead please leave now and forgive me, again please.


I made myself two scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. It was a little late but I find two scrambled eggs to be a satisfactory breakfast whenever I get up. I have it with a couple glasses of weak coffee and milk half and half and I think it’s a relatively healthy and tasty start to the day.

Today the awful cat, the one eyed spayed calico whose name may or may not be Bangladesh was the only animal supervising my life. After the eggs were done and in a dish, she insisted on eating them. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. So. I put the whole dish of scrambled eggs in the dog dish, and told her to hop to it. She eats out of the dog dish ordinarily and the dog was outside. She refused. I made several entreaties and she continued to refuse. I made myself another serving of eggs and guess what?!@!@# She wanted my new eggs. Now I suppose in the best of all possible cat and mistress worlds I could have given her my new ones and eaten the ones in the dog dish but I refuse.

I suppose the story has a happy ending because the cat is now eating the first eggs out of the dog dish and as soon as I get done here I am going to eat mine.

Meanwhile-ish, just got a call from JIm and I have to go pick him up on the bottom of the 40 - yeah and he had a bad phone connection.

My new computer does not have a delete button. Is that possible????? How can I soft boot? I’m still a soft booter. Or I was.

OK the recipe.

Green Smoothie

handful of frozen strawberries
handfull of frozen mixed fruit
2 handfuls of spinach
almond milk
orange juice

I assume the above is blended to desired smoothie state.

Bye, I gotta gulp my eggs and go get Jim.

Can I use fucking in a title? Guess we will see.

gattaca April 17, 2021

PB does not edit swear words or using the Lord's name in vain like that unhinged MyPillow guy's new social media website does, so you're safe. 😇

I've never seen a cat eat eggs. At least, my cat never did. Mine would take your hand off for a piece of raw hamburger though.

Florentine April 17, 2021

Cats. Always displeased unless they’re making the decisions!

Marg April 17, 2021

Lucky cat! My phone refuses to swear - if I try to say fucking it changes it to ducking which doesn’t have quite the same impact I feel so I have to edit :)

WeAreStarStuff Marg ⋅ April 18, 2021

I hate the ducking autocorrect. If you add the swear as a contact in your phone, the autocorrect with recognize it as fucking valid. :D

Marg WeAreStarStuff ⋅ April 18, 2021

Oh good tip thanks! I’m now imagining my daughter’s face going through my phone contacts after I finally shuffle off this mortal coil and finding that one :)

NorthernSeeker April 17, 2021

You get good karma points for giving Bangladesh the first eggs. He gets bad cat karma points for not eating them.

Purple Dawn April 18, 2021

That cat owns you ;)
Have a wonderful weekend.

WeAreStarStuff April 18, 2021

My cat likes scrambled eggs. It's his consolation prize when I don't want to share any more tiny pieces of bacon.

noko April 18, 2021

It is a sad story but understandable.

Beret April 18, 2021

Is this a smoothie that you make? It's similar to what I make. I put a scoop of protein powder in it and it keeps me full for quite awhile.

Just Annie April 18, 2021

You're a good person to give the cat dibs on your eggs.

I just can't get into smoothies. I think it's because if I'm not chewing, I don't feel like I'm eating and my brain tells me I'm still hungry when I'm not. That and I'm lazy!

woman in the moon Just Annie ⋅ April 19, 2021

I don't have a blender.. and I'm lazy.
Brings memories of a Christmas in the early '80s - the decade not my age - when I wanted an Oster combo blender/mixer/grinder/processor - remember those? I got one and after Christmas dinner I made milk shakes with my frozen home grown strawberries. I remember passing out glasses and my dad saying it was a good drink.
So long ago - so much gone and lost from that day.

Lady of the Bann April 19, 2021

Connect a different keyboard that has a delete button.

woman in the moon Lady of the Bann ⋅ April 19, 2021

Good idea. Thanks.

Serin April 19, 2021

That's an impressively entitled cat.

Jinn April 21, 2021

My cats will eat anything I give them. Yes, they would steal my food if I let them. Per cat Law ; what is mine, is theirs as well . They try to own the house but the dogs are not buying it . 😂

Jinn April 21, 2021

I can not do green stuff in smoothies. Just fruit 🍉

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