41,500+ Covid dead in 15 days (think Covid is over?) in Good lord, this is a book

  • April 8, 2021, 1:51 a.m.
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Just imagine those numbers, and this data in a time where still most people are staying at home.

Then consider that those numbers were tallied in a country with 2/3rd’s the population of the U.S.

Beyond that, suddenly scores and scores of people are planning and taking trips, thinking their vaccine has somehow been proven in a scenario where we look forward toward the truly unknown. In addition, the newer strains of Covid are out there, and they’re ‘here’ as well, with nothing having studied in depth the resistance by the vaccine to the newer, potentially more powerful forms of Covid.

Traveling is what brought us Covid in the first place, and people cannot wait to travel again!

Helena_ April 08, 2021

We’ve just started accepting international flights again in Melbourne. Every time we’ve done this, we have another outbreak. Australia has just signed a travel bubble with NZ, too. Our vaccinations rates are nowhere near as impressive as other countries, either. Obviously, we’ve had it somewhat easier than others being a more remote country. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

elaine2 July 06, 2021

So true. And now Canada is opening its borders :(

Jodie July 23, 2021

I think anyone who goes anywhere other then their state or province is an idiot....there needs to be 100% vaccinated in the world or there is no sense on going anywhere....All it takes is one to expose one and then it spreads.....And wear your dam mask....

ermentrude April 07, 2022

The new strain thing is a valid point. My 13yr old had a mild strain about two months ago and only felt mildly ill for two days (obviously being 13 helped with that too) and is utterly unsympathetic as I got the next strain (omicron 2 or whatever it’s being called) which is not as pleasant. I don’t like to say I got it bad because I wasn’t hospitalised and I lived but it was fucking awful. And two weeks on I don’t have the energy to walk to the end of my street. However, 13yr old is being my experience on her experience and thinks I’m being over-dramatic [insert eye roll]. Hey Ho.

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