Currents as of April 2021 in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • April 2, 2021, 9:15 p.m.
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I’m gonna try to start doing this every month, I’ve seen a couple of peoples I know do this.

Current Annoyance: My brother! He is 5 (or 6) years older than me and still doesn’t know how to say thank you or you’re welcome. I get to spend a couple hours at easter at his place, every time I go there I feel the fun and joy to be sucked out of my soul. I’m taking my switch on sunday. I just beat Outer worlds (again) and just started skyrim, and I have a demo for a train game I’m interested in.

Current Bane of My Existence: (I kind of have to agree here) My anxiety and depression. I just have a big ol gloom cloud on me. Probably because of my brother, and my stupid house, needing repairs and blarg.

Current Book: I am currently listening to Mass effect Revelation and have been going through the complete comic collection which macaroni didn’t want me to read:
alt text

Current Clothing Thoughts: I am currently wearing (surprise!) a packers related t-shirt.

Current Color: Green, black and grey.

Current Crush: Tali Zorah vas Normandy. Real life crushes disappoint.

Current Drink: Mountain Dew.

Current Excitement(s): well, the mini expansion for my number 2 board game drops on kickstarter soon and for a price thats a LOT LESS than I thought (9 bucks with NO shipping) My birthday in 27 days. Mass effect: Legendary edition and later on down the road Endwalker for FFXIV

Current Feeling: Anxious, somewhat depressed, normal things in life for me.

Current Fetish: Knee high socks/leggings etc.

Current Films: I can’t remember the last movie I seen, I think it was Paragon Lost (a Surprise Mass effect movie, it was.. okay)

Current Food: I just finished off some pizza.

Current Goal: Not to externally scream. I am winning this goal ATM.

Current Image(s):alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Current Indulgence: chocolate. My mom for christmas got me a small cooler fridge I stash 7.5 cans of pop and candy in, I keep it stacked with white chocolate peanut butter cups, plain hershey bars etc. So good.

Currently Listening To: GSN on my TV.

Current Love: Friends, my kitties.


alt text

Current Mood: Blah. Like always.

Current Music: E11’s battle music (i’m not big into music TBH)

Current Music Video: Here it is in action:

Current Outfit: Jeans, and a packers T shirt.

Current Project: I still have a board game prototype, all laid out and ready to play, and I am -Not- thinking about another one.. i am not thinking about a mass effect dungeon crawl.. LA LA LA NO NO LA LA LIAARRRAA..

Current Self-Image Thoughts: Hahahaha. My self-image is always gonna be low, and there is no way you can change this.

Current Slang or Saying: what the fork.

Current Song Lyrics:
Fish heads, Fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish heads fish heads eat them up, yum!
(Music isn’t my thing, haha)

Current Triumph: I just beat outer worlds again on the switch last night, thats a fun game.

Current TV Show: I’m sad that Antenna TV is putting news radio and wings in the vault for a while. I started watching Just shoot me again on Hulu, alongside Three’s company, and I have get smart on DVD which i might throw on the ol dvd player.

Current Wish List: There are a couple board games I want. Maglev Metro, Champions of Hara and the kickstarter for the newest aeons end.

There we go. I’m gonna try doing this monthly. If i forget just remind me. I also got my 2nd shot earlier this week. Feels good.

Also, i know i’ve said this before but it always needs to be said:
alt text

Anyone that disagrees with this will be forced to watch not only 1970’s Chicago Bears Highlights, but 1970’s Detroit Lions highlights.. then be yeeted into a tar pit.


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