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  • April 1, 2021, 7:06 p.m.
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Good news is that in reading the blood marrow biopsy report, it stated suspected myeloproliferative neoplasm with result summary normal. No evidence of acute leukemia or increased blasts, no evidence of abnormal myeloid population. So I am guessing the white count was elevated because of my uterus, results of that I have not gotten yet and my guess is that the dr will just be checking my blood count for quite a while I am interpreting the report correctly. I see the oncologist/gynecologist the 12th and oncologist/hematologist 14th.

I feel pretty good, walked around the block a couple of times and have had my kids take the garbage out, a load of laundry, just things like that. I might drive to an appointment tomorrow instead of doing FT as I have no restrictions on driving especially since I am not taking any medications other than a Tylenol occasion. My friend stayed here until yesterday and I think I could have done more but she was pretty strict with not having me even make myself a cup of tea. I called her nurse ratchet. It was nice having her here tho.

The bad news is I got my taxes and I owe money—-usually we get a couple hundred back but this time I owe over $1000. It is ok because I do have the money but I wasn’t expecting to pay that. I filed married but filing separately because technically I am still married, so am not sure if that is why I had to pay in or what. My son picked them up for me but I think I will go in to the office and ask about it. (The tax people that I use are about a block away so I can do that for my walk).

All in all good news on the health front and I hope it stays that way and even financially it could be worse.

Jodie April 01, 2021

I am so glad everything is okay.

ConnieK April 01, 2021

We're self-employed so ALWAYS expect to pay in. Some years, though, we get a lot back. Construction is an up and down market. Glad it was only a grand and THRILLED about the normal summary! Go, YOU, Iron Lady!

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