I could be in Daydreaming on the Porch

  • March 26, 2021, 5:10 a.m.
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I could be reading about the mysteries of the universe and the secret wisdom of all ages. Instead, I’m reading about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and watching YouTube videos about an adorable rescue puppy and two French bulldogs. I’m looking at video from a drone as it hovers over one of the remotest inhabited islands on earth, Pitcairn Island, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. I’m viewing in 3-D virtual reality a video from a busy street scene in San Francisco in 1906, one day before the earthquake hit that destroyed the city. And finally, to wrap up a busy hour on the Internet, I’m watching a video of a psychic connect a grieving mother with her murdered teenage son.

Marg March 26, 2021

Well I’m very glad that’s what you were spending your time doing because I’m now richer for having watched that San Francisco film and the other one after the earthquake - amazing footage! I’m wondering if they added the sound after - would they have had sound in film in 1906?

Oswego Marg ⋅ March 31, 2021 (edited March 31, 2021)


Both were mesmerizing videos. The sound was added recently I think. It wasn’t in the original film footage, but when added was so realistic. I also watched the before video with my Google Cardboard 3-D viewer and it was just amazing, like going back in time literally. Every YouTube video can be watched in 3-D, in case you didn’t know. You can buy viewers online also.

Marg Oswego ⋅ April 01, 2021

I did not know that! So I scooted off to Amazon and will hopefully receive a few pairs of 3D glasses forthwith :) Did you have to do anything other than wear the glasses for that particular video? I couldn't see anything in the settings to change or anything?

Oswego Marg ⋅ April 01, 2021

No, it is just a plain box. You place your iPhone or Android phone in the slot and start watching. It’s little tricky at first; just fiddle with it. I could wear older reading glasses, but sometime you have to take your regular or reading glasses off and just watch unaided. If you have every imaginable power of reading glasses lying around like I do, you should be fine. Lol. I’ve watched some American Southwest roads trips in 3-Day and it’s spectacular. I should try some of the English countryside in 3-D. Have fun!

Marg Oswego ⋅ April 01, 2021

Oh right - ok well I'll see what the glasses are like when they come and if they're rubbish I'll be back to ask about the box! :)

ConnieK March 26, 2021

Sounds more fun than my errands...

Newzlady March 26, 2021

Sounds like pretty amazing stuff.

Bird of Paradise March 28, 2021

You tube video's take you all over. I go there for a purpose... Maybe some link on Facebook and you click another and another of interest on the right hand side and hours later you are far from what you started with.
So much for doing the laundry or organizing that closet... Maybe tomorrow.

Oswego Bird of Paradise ⋅ March 29, 2021

I totally agree. And the videos are so endlessly entertaining and educational. I find that I get into time warps, and before I know it the whole afternoon is gone!

Kristi1971 March 28, 2021

Oh my gosh, the girls and I just read about that earthquake!

Jinn April 02, 2021

That is an amazing assortment of videos !

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