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  • March 22, 2021, 1:37 p.m.
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Hi folk. Things are meh, but whatever. I’m living. I got my first jab of vaccine a couple weeks ago, i get my next one next week. I am both looking forward and dreading it because a: good science stuff protects me and i’d rather try to roll a 1 and get covid then get covid, roll a 1 and die or roll a 2-4 and be forked up for a while (i know someone that got it in December and she still says things taste like burnt plastic, she had to live on mcdonalds for a while because it was the only thing that didnt taste bad) (Edit I COMPLETELY FORGOT THE DREAD PART) I am not looking forward to the side effects, I’m estimating being KOed for 1-2 days.

I have to get some work done on the house. Blah, it was the stupid toilet. The leak stopped for a bit, now it came back with a vengeance. Its gonna be a total redo of the bathroom floor i think, so thats good I guess.

In other news, it has been good to get back out and playing board games. It will be even better when I can go to bigger gatherings (i’m gonna shoot for may or june for bigger game days, I know the 95% immunity happens about 2 weeks after)

On a scale of 1-10 mentally i’m probably at a 4. Thats about normal for me anymore. I’m fine outside normal anxiety.

Before I do a picture dump, I saw something on this site that sickened me the other day and I didnt want to argue with idiots. This schmuck basically said something about trans-kids being abused or something totally wrong. Thats a lie. Idiots like this poster are the reason why trans folk’s suicide rate is high and why trans teenagers and kids run away from home. I know a kid who is transgender and he is not only a sweet awesome kid, hes super talented (he has hand sewn and designed fur suits for furries and sold them for a decent amount of change (like 800-1000 bucks) and hes 13! He an awesome dude. That being said, I will end this paragraph by saying Trans lives matter, and you cannot change my stance on this. Anyone who disagrees with me will be yeeted into the sun or forced to watch the Chicago bears.

Now for some pictures:

alt text

My smooshed macaroni.

alt text

In this pic i’m drinking a white hot chocolate. Boots really desired this drink to the point he started climbing on my chest and arms, and I had to finish it out in the living room.

alt text

caught him about ready to yawn, you can see teefies!

alt text

alt text

alt text

Mass effect is my favorite series that has a consistent story. The universe is great, and that book is huge, it has about 30 comics in it, Rannoch is the homeworld of my favorite race of aliens in the game and the home of best girl Tali Zorah, the Quarians. I’ll be playing the ultimate edition when it comes out in a couple months. This run was the farewell to the 360 one.

And after saying that. Screw Cerberus and the illusive man with a 190 inch spiked dildo.

alt text


alt text

Belly rubs!

alt text

I got skyrim on the switch the other day, and ill be playing that after I play through the outer worlds again (i got the DLC on the switch and i wanted to play that obvs)

alt text

I got to play one of my favorite games the other day at 6. I loved it at 6. I love it at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and one of my 2021 gaming goals is to play it at 8. 6 lasted about 2 and a half hours with instruction. I could actually play it right meow.

alt text

The cutest stand for my switch.

That was a lot more pictures than i thought.

Anyhop, that is all.

BLM, TLM, Stop asian hate. I don’t get super political on facebook (more on twitter and here TBH) But Dont mistake my quietness for complicity. I definitely believe in these. If you don’t, into the nearest black hole.. or worse.. it won’t even be good bears highlights, it’ll be highlights from the 1970’s. No one wants that.



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