Potions and Lotions oh my in Tales from the kitchen witch

  • March 22, 2021, 3:09 p.m.
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After getting some of my buttermilk soap at work, one girl asked me if i could make it in a lotion. Well now that you say it. Yes, yes i can haha. So now i have lemon tangerine lotion, From shae butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, lower oil, jojoba oil and a teeny bit of wax for a binder. The coconut oil makes it a bit greasy. But ill experiment with what is going to make it better. It seems at one point i was talking about making some lotions. But i cant seem to find the entry in my kitchen witch book. So its all good.
Either way right now i smell of red hots ( cinnamon and clove) and lemon. Its a weird combo, but making some cinnamon and clove soap. Talk about a pick me up. Then moved to lemon and tangerine lotion. Super tangy. Whatever is left in this bowl is mine lol. I made a teeny bit just to see how it turns out. Enough for 3 sample sized lotions. Now i need to figure out a sealed container for the rest of this shae butter and coconut oil i melted together.

Im going to have to pick up a bunch of rose bushes this year. Seeing my mom sold her house and she was the one with all the roses. Ill need a good supply of roses to make rose water and dried petals for oil and soaps.
I have the hibiscus plants im going to look and see what i can do with those other then tea. Who knows! We have a lot of juniper here, Maybe make some juniper oils? I also grabbed a bunch of marijuana trim from a friend and im drying it out to infuse an oil for lotions or soap. If it helps, It helps! ( and its legal)

music & dogs & wine March 22, 2021

Would you get CBD out of that? I love the CBD products I use, they help so much with pain!

ChainedChrysalis music & dogs & wine ⋅ March 22, 2021

well CBD has the THC removed from the oil. This would have both lol.

music & dogs & wine ChainedChrysalis ⋅ March 22, 2021

LOL even better! I eat edibles all the time and I vape weed, I have no issue with it!

Jinn March 23, 2021

I love hibiscus tea ; cold or hot but it bothers my stomach so I do not drink it much anymore.
It’s great you know how to make so many products.

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