How good are things? in These titles mean nothing.

  • March 16, 2021, 12:41 p.m.
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Ten answers:

  1. We have what I hope is our last serious snow. Not really deep/three or four inches that’s hung on. Plow hasn’t been by yet. Buick has a date in town for either a new muffler support or a new muffler but since snow plow hasn’t gone and since the muffler is dragging I guess we are waiting for the plow to go by. I trust the county hasn’t folded up its snow removal equipment for the season. We have all of April left.

  2. Jim needs the car for his Thursday dental appointment in Rochester. He’s having his gums contoured (my term) and perhaps some bone moving around. It’s local anesthetic so he can drive himself both ways. It and subsequent crowns are scarily expensive but he is using government covid support money (more than $1400) to pay for it.

  3. I’m having all sorts of medical situations including an odd feeling place where I had my dental surgery in 1966. I realize that anything that’s held together since 1966 has been doing well and I hope it might decide to last a little longer. Main thing is when I went to the doctor a month ago to have a checkup to get my blood pressure pill renewed, I found out I had diabetes. Apparently that’s a big deal. I always thought I took pretty good care o myself but in the last almost four years since I quit working I’ve gotten very careless. I’ve gained a lot of weight and exercised not at all, so I suppose diabetes is not a surprise.

  4. I’m taking four big pills, two in the morning, two at night for the diabetes itself and a cholesterol lowering pill as well. Fun, fun, fun until her dad took the T-Bird away. So I’ve been eating ‘better’, meaning veggies and protein and I’ve been trying to exercise. I was walking up to Joana’s porch to write poetry, but not since it’s snowed. I have a basement stairs routine that including walking the length of the basement and of the upstairs. I’m up to 26 laps and believe it or not that is a bit of exercise. I am down to 190 lbs from previously weighing north of 200. I do not have a good scale. It’s a cheap spring scale - I got tired of digital ones not lasting long - and the numbers are small and close together so it’s kind of a guessing game. I was at the doctor last week and I don’t go back until my birthday.

  5. Dog is doing pretty well. Cats also.

  6. I went back to jigsaw puzzles with a vengeance. I should write a long entry explaining why they are fun to do. The pictures you ‘create’ often have significance. So I should tell you about them. Maybe. Someday.

  7. I have made a FB decision. I stay away except for one visit on the first day of the month. And when I do get there, I don’t stay long. So if anyone’s been missing me, I guess that’s just too bad.

  8. I’m less suicidal than I was a year ago. Perhaps because I suspect I’ve brought on my health issues by twists of karma. We always get what we want, don’t we? If not what we want, then

  9. I had my first covid shot last week - Moderna - at the local drug store. I go back for my second April 6. My arm was a little sore, only noticed it when I wanted to sleep on it the first two nights, otherwise no effects. I still haven’t been out to eat or to a book store. I try to obey the rules - mask, distance, occasional hand washing.

  10. I bought flower seeds at the drug store. I wanted to plant them in the seed starter kit Katie gave me for Christmas - but guess what? It’s too much work. Maybe I’ll get it done before I write here again. Wish me luck.

coleus- I know they’re microscopic but I never tried them before
morning glory
bachelor button

I have/or had hope for this year’s gardening. I’m better at getting up and down than I’ve been for a while and I should be able to borrow Joana’s digging tools whenever I want to.

Blessings to everyone. It’s a wonderful life. We are lucky to be here.

gattaca March 16, 2021

I'm glad you got the vaccine!

I had a crown pop out 6 months after it was put in. My dentist fixed it for free - I guess it had a warranty. :-)

Beret March 16, 2021

Nice update!

WhatDreamsMayCome March 16, 2021

Good luck!!

NorthernSeeker March 16, 2021

I'm glad you've had the covid vaccine and I hope it frees you up to do more of the things you enjoy doing. Did you have to pay for the vaccine? It's looking like Mr. NS and I will ge getting our vaccines in May, so two months away. I have a mechanical scale too...the digital ones are not as accurate. Congrats on losing over 10 pounds...that is not easy to do. I hope Jim's dental surgery goes ok. Mine is next week.

Purple Dawn March 16, 2021

It is a wonderful life :)
I'm glad you had the first vaccine, it seems to take forever up here.
It sounds like you are doing good in working to control the diabetes, take care,

noko March 16, 2021

I can imagine each of those flowers. I walk inside when the weather is bad. My neighbor thinks I am nuts but I listen to podcasts and the time flows. Today, though we have sun. I am going to wait until a week after my second shot to take the bus again and go visiting. It sounds like the meds are helping you feel a bit better.

Neogy Titwhistle March 16, 2021

I've given up on trying to find the vaccine. I'll just wait until I see a notice or something. Walgreens puts things on their sign sometimes. Diabetes? No more soda?

woman in the moon Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ March 16, 2021

I drink diet pop, so I can still do it. Not sure what my biggest sacrifice is. I'm still sorta psyched so it's all fun and easy.

Just Annie March 17, 2021

Welcome to the Type II Diabetes Club. I'm fortunate that I am not really a rice, potato, or pasta fan, but oooooh, bread and donuts and muffins and all that were hard to give up.

Congrats on getting your vaccine! I know we'll still need to social distance and wear masks, but I really don't mind all that. I just want to go out without worrying I'll bring it home to Robert. He got his first dose yesterday. He'll get his second on April 6th.

Serin March 17, 2021

Our whole winter was a bit half-hearted, so our "last big snow" of the season was more or less on schedule, but anemic and melted as it hit the ground. Glad your vaccine was uncomplicated.

Marg March 19, 2021

So sorry about the diabetes - do they give you a list of foods which are best to eat and ones to avoid? I eat a lot of pasta and bread so I would find it very hard to make the changes I think.

Jinn April 21, 2021

I am sorry about the diabetes; it does take a lot of effort to manage your diet , exercise and taking the medicine.
Glad you got your vaccine.

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