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  • March 11, 2021, 3:38 p.m.
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After a year iof isolation, yesterday we went out into the world. It’s been 14 days since our last shot, and now we are fully vaccinated. Yesterday G and I went to Ross and Target. Today we went to AM VETS and Goodwill.

Little in the miles of worn things at AM VETS caught my eye. Goodwill was another matter. They have rethought their displays. Clothing is by color and mostly by size. The newest stuff was on a rack of its own. The store was light, bright, and clean. I had so much fun in the shirts and sweaters that I never got to the dishes.

I really don’t need a thing, but I did pick up some clothes in a larger size for the new bigger me. G found two silver pins, one signed, for five bucks. Abbodanza indeed. Best of all, we had lots of fun. Imagine that.

Himself: Found one perfect Christmas present.
Myself: Yes, I am eating less. Enjoyed shopping. Finished another branch on the quilt.
Reading: Louise Penny.
Watching: KPBS, Circus.
Photo: The American Cancer Society Thrift Store, Point Loma.
Gratitude’s: For being able to go into thrift stores just to look again.

aunty EM March 12, 2021

We hit that 2-shots plus 2-weeks mark too. But it was just another day, and just another doctor appointment... Now we are hunkering down for a huge two- or three-day snow storm. After a year, I guess we can stay at home one more weekend!

Narrator March 12, 2021

That's awesome - what a wonderful trip. :)

Marg March 13, 2021

I really miss going to thrift shops - there’s one good one in the entryway of the supermarket I shop in every week and every week I look longingly in its window like a kid at a candy shop! :)

Jinn March 13, 2021

I am so wanting to go to Good Will ! And some other places too !
Happy that you are enjoying your days.

gattaca March 14, 2021

I'm so glad you and G got your vaccines!

NorthernSeeker March 14, 2021

Recreational's been a long time since you could do that.

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