Assisted living drama in Daily life

  • March 7, 2021, 6:41 p.m.
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The residents are very nice, some I like better than others. Have already pinpointed the ones who are complainers, the ones who are nosy rosies, and the ones who are just sad. There are a total of 18 in the personal care area and there is room for about 5 more. Memory care is full, not sure how many are there cuz I haven’t been over there yet. There is only one married couple and the wife is closing in on dementia so not sure how long they can stay without being moved to a more secure facility.

Main meal is at lunch, dinner is more like a hamburger, hoagie, pizza, altho when it is pizza night, they can have a light beer or wine. They all have refrigerators in their rooms and a couple of the residents have someone shop for them so if they don’t want to eat what is offered, they can have their own food. They can eat in the dining room at tables six feet apart unless they were at a dr appointment or had to go to the hospital, then they have to eat in their room for 10 or 14 days. The dining room flows into an area with a fireplace, easy chairs and big screen tv. Now for the drama.

Dinner last night was hot dogs, baked beans, macaroni salad and banana cream pie. I take the orders and the one woman said she wanted everything. I served her the dinner and she abruptly told me to take the macaroni salad away as it was made with mayo and she hates that. Ok, no problem. I continue on with my serving and the woman at the next table over calls me to come talk to her. She wants to know who the aide is that brought them to their tables as the aide was watching tv and the macaroni salad lady asked her to turn it off or put music on. The aide told her she didn’t have to watch it. Ah no. Macaroni lady was livid and was going to complain about her and didn’t want her to put her to bed. Macaroni lady was in a most foul mood then as when I came to clear her table, she said the beans were a disgrace as they came from a can (were campbell’s I think) and shouldn’t be served to anyone. That was so funny because another resident said the beans were delicious and another one just loved the macaroni salad.

Ah, drama, drama.

ConnieK March 07, 2021

All you can do is try and distract or redirect attention. Hang in there.

Jinn March 12, 2021

It’s all about losing control over everything in their lives . Sadly if we live long enough , we might end up like them. I hope not .

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