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  • March 1, 2021, 12:28 p.m.
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One big thing, a total inability to quilt, and a thousand small things to fill the days.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t quilt. The needle broke, the thread snapped, ad in finitum.

Small good things happened tho. I post a picture every time I make an entry. Down below the dotted line, I tell you about it. Few must read my notes. A lovely package arrived from my cousin Jerry with notes from my mother, a newspaper article about me with a very good photo, and a letter from my mother. What a surprise to see her handwriting again. A note from an old drinking buddy to tell me the time that the women’s meeting started each week. At seven in the mornings on Tuesdays. Seven. I have little excuse not to attend.

Every meal I say, “Can I help?”

He responds, “No, I got it.”

He really creates nice meals. And slowly they get smaller too. I don’t have the appetite of yore now. And mid pandemic, I can honestly say, I am fat. 2 weeks from now I can get back in the pool unless the doc changes his mind.
Himself: Got a new hand control for his space game.
Myself: Back to the sewing machine to figure out why I can’t make it work.
Reading: Finished with the Montana mysteries and moving on to “Three Pines.”
Watching: KPBS
Photo: Taken by G
Gratitude’s: That I have the zip to tackle my big problem.

Abritelight March 01, 2021

I just saw your entry on the front page. Letting you know I was here and was wondering about the photo. I'm not finding a description of it. I think it is an awesome photo.

Marg March 02, 2021

At first glance I thought these were people on the rock and was aghast lol! I always read your notes - I find them interesting. How frustrating about the quilting though - is it more of an issue with the machine than anything else?

MageB Marg ⋅ March 03, 2021

Me, not the machine. :)

Marg MageB ⋅ March 04, 2021


aunty EM March 02, 2021

I have "known" you for years, virtually, and have often thought, though probably never said, how much I admire you, Just sayin'.

MageB aunty EM ⋅ March 02, 2021

Thank you How kind of you.

Kristi1971 March 02, 2021

Zip is so good. :)

NorthernSeeker March 03, 2021

I'm sure you'll figure out what is wrong with your sewing machine...or George will. I love the photo...I guess those are cormorants on the rock?

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