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  • Feb. 27, 2021, 11:37 p.m.
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This week wasn’t too bad, actually. Got to work an install with one of the good co-workers, and got finished a few hours ahead of the time we’d been given, despite the garage we were working in being an absolute cluster ----. I also had to squeeze in a door opener where there previously had been none. I was thinking I was going to have to cut it shorter to fit between the wall and a beam, but I was able to angle it to make it fit, and still be able to use the light. I used to surprise myself more when I made things work. Guess I’m just getting used to it. I also ended up running into a tech with another door company - no, not literally - who asked about my Little Giant extension ladder. I may have sold a few more for them. It is nice to have a 20’ extension ladder I don’t have to share, and doesn’t weigh as much as the ones my boss buys. I still gotta replace my 4’ step ladder before I fall off the damn thing. All the rivets are loose, plus it has a bent lock arm, so if I lean too far, it folds up a little. It’s next, then the big step ladder. Oh yeah, and the rest of my week was unremarkable, to say the least.

Although, I am getting annoyed of being “frustrated”. Yeeeeah.

I totally let my prick side out this week too. I was driving between a couple of small towns when this asshat in an Audi SUV decided to get 1-2 feet from my back bumper. I don’t rush when driving. I do the speed limit, and stay in the right lane. Than tends to piss some people off when you’re on a twisting, winding, hilly road, back in the woods, with one lane each way. Not my problem. And this road has no shoulder, just a ditch on each side of the road. It’s also mostly no passing, as the curves and hills block views, and there are smaller side roads and private driveways also on this road. So at the first hill, I disconnected cruise control and dropped 5 MPH before turning it back on - So I’m now going 5 under the limit, and he’s not backing off. To his credit, he didn’t honk at me or flash his lights. As far as hand gestures, I don’t have visibility out the back window, so no inside mirror. If he was flipping me off, I have no idea. But he started riding the center line AND my back bumper. At this point, if I have to hit the brakes for any reason, he IS going to hit me. I’m also concerned about oncoming traffic not having a chance to react, so I drop another 5 MPH. 10 under the limit. And this is already a low speed area I’m in. So for being a c–t, he got stuck behind me, going 10 miles under the limit for about 7 or 8 miles, maybe more, and added probably another 15 minutes on to the trip to where ever the twat was going. So that’s me being a prick. At least I didn’t brake check him.
“The Closer You Get, The Slower I Go.”

When we finally got to an area where he could pass me, he did so going only 1 or 2 MPH faster than me. At this point, I’m having to watch the road, which is wet, and narrow, and I’m having to now watch my distance from him, so I don’t sideswipe him, so I didn’t look over. I’m not going to get sucked in to a road rage incident. As soon as he passed me, I went back to going the speed limit. I ended up catching up with him a few stop signs later. He turned left, I went straight. “See bud, being a d!ckhead didn’t get you there any quicker than me. Whatever. Have a nice life.”
He was as bad as these damn bicyclists around here.

Today I’ve had a nice quiet day. Nice to be able to recharge. I was going to get a few things done, but I’m still just mentally fried. I’m either overstimulated or burning out. Dunno if there’s much difference, but eh. But now I’m gonna put a movie on and try not to think. I saw “The Ginger” and Jessica last night. Not sure if it was better or worse than seeing BL. At this point, I don’t care what those dreams mean. Currently, it’s just another form of suffering.

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