Con-19 origin in Politics

  • Feb. 19, 2021, 11:33 p.m.
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The president of Ghana exposed the depopulation agenda to his nation. He explained how the virus was created. The origin is from the virology lab in my city, Winnipeg. It was smuggled to Wuhan for plausible deniability. There was an article I read months ago that talked about the two labs, Winnipeg and Wuhan sharing researchers. This was an unsettling revelation at the time. A document was also released exposing that my Prime Minister helped cover up the origins of the outbreak, Wuhan. Soldiers returned with it from the military winter games that Wuhan hosted. A government document was also released that Trudeau made our soldiers participate in CCP propaganda while out there. Also it was exposed that we were and are training China’s liberation army here in Canada on winter survival. This is all too close to home and I’m just disturbed and unsettled.

There is a complete media blackout about my prime minister’s obvious treaty with the CCP. We just dodged a bullet, he tried to pass a bill that could lead to a 5 year jail-time for making false statements about his government. Not his first assault on free speech. His approval of Huawei was bad enough and now he is refusing to denounce the genocide in China against the ughurs. We’re already being conditioned to people being forced into isolation camps. These cable news cultists continue to just support Nazism and feed these lies with all their energy. How have they not figured out what this is?

Just as we knew all along, the dissenters would be used as scapegoats throughout this whole ordeal and the cable news cult would be out there calling people who want to breathe maskholes. Unless it was mostly peaceful BLM protests then it was a source of spread.

The president of Ghana also explains what naturopathic doctors have been saying all along. This social distancing is weakening our immunity. Cutting seniors off from society is what killed them and we are just allowing this.

Phase 3 is around the corner. It’s still a baseless conspiracy to the corona cult but the nanoparticles in the con-19 product is going to collect our bio data and also link us up to cryptocurrency. They already started with the test kits. There is footage out of there if you want to see the creepy swabs become animated after being torn apart. Social credit is probably coming this spring in Canada. I’m sure we will be first.

Nash February 20, 2021

There is no doubt in my mind that you have mental health resources available to you. I know you do not believe that, but if you can, there are competent people available. No wickedness implied.

KissOfLife! February 20, 2021

Wait, we're going to be linked to Cryptocurrency!? 😱

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