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  • Feb. 18, 2021, 1:43 p.m.
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Daughter Margot calls and says this is awful stuff. George retaliates with, “Yes, this is chemo.” And it is. Just pills not intravenously. The side effects seemed severe to her also. He should have added that the side effects from regular chemo put me in two nursing homes.

The mutation Panel showed:
ALK Rearrangement
Better outcome with ALK Variant
Med: AlectinIB
Wait for insurance
Cost? $69.00 a pill, 220 pills total.
Will get grants or other financial assistance
4 pills twice a day
Prognosis: 6 to 10 months without treatment
With treatment the overall survival rate of patients living to 5 yrs with the new medication is 62.5%.

First two months CT Scan
Blood work every two weeks for 3 months
Use the port if they can get it working
Side Effects:
Liver irritation

Lung irritation feel like pneumonia
Muscle aches
Lower heart rate
Nausea or upset stomach
Not all or any of these may happen

- Himself:
- Myself: Here I am tackling a difficult situation. No, I am not ever going in to get in that Russian Submarine again.
- Reading: More Burkholder.
- Watching: Nova, Tough as Nails…G likes that.
- Photo: 2007, SD Maritime Museum.
- Gratitude’s: Actually Glad to be here. Aleve helps.

Last updated February 18, 2021

Kristi1971 February 18, 2021

That is such a great photo of you!! I love it! And yes, as gypsy spirit said, you've done well. Big Hugs.

Narrator February 18, 2021

I remember my father struggling with chemo, too - it killed his appetite because everything tasted wrong. The only sure food was Kraft Dinner. "just", nothing.

Marg February 19, 2021

I hadn’t realised that it was the side effects of the chemo that had made you so ill previously! You’re dealing with this so well and I very much like your last line :)

Oswego February 19, 2021

You are remarkable and strong! The prognosis with the treatment sounds very encouraging to me.

NorthernSeeker February 21, 2021

The prognosis with treatment is pretty good and who knows what other tools will be available to extend your life past that time. I guess the bottom line is that your treatments are working and that's great.

Jinn February 21, 2021

Push on ! This treatment does have a good prognosis . It’s worth it . ❤️
I love the picture ! You look like you have been up to mischief. :-)

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