Dread in A Day in the Life of Me

  • Feb. 16, 2021, 2:28 p.m.
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My long weekend is almost over, it’s back to work tomorrow. Boss lady is off, and we’re expecting out last push of 61 cases either tomorrow or Thursday. Though with the weather we’re having today, I think it will be most likely Thursday. Don’t think there is a lot of freight moving on the roads right now.
I have come to dread the end of my “weekends”. and thanks to the events of Saturday, even more so then normal now. It’s simply proved to myself that I have been pushed almost to my breaking point, and I just simply do not want to deal anymore with any of it.
We are only open to the public for 7 more days. I have 5 (or 6 - schedules not been done yet) of them to get through.
Gods give me the strength to keep it together that much longer.
Still haven’t bothered applying for anything. Going to need time off to breath, and refocus.
What’s the chances I could land a Career and not just a job next time....
Guess we’ll see.

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