THERE IS SUN in Postcards 4

  • Feb. 16, 2021, 2:05 p.m.
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• We sang a gloriously out of tune duo to Margot this morning. Happy Birthday a cappella. She is 58 years old which makes me ancient. She has made George a dad which he seems to enjoy. He seems to be glorying in cooking these days. I gained a pound while he has lost thirty. He rarely lets me in the kitchen, and I’m having fun not cooking. He does make superior cheese omelets.
• I’m reading and wearing out my new eye. I haven’t heard from the oncologist, nor have I heard from the PA (Physicians Assistant)…I now have three jars of one drug and none for another.
• Reading Linda Castillo’s Amish thrillers. Very well written stuff. I vaguely remember reading them in the past. This is the only advantage of having a stroke that hits you in the memory. Yes, I remember G and the family.
• Videos from Peter Knego the ship Historian: One on the MARDI GRAS, and the other a trailer on the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE. Beautiful things those. You can copy and paste these urls into google or just click on the shops..

• On TV: Lots of stuff on Black history. I am woefully ignorant.
• Today’s illustration is a doodle of a favorite pair of old shoes. 1979.
• I’m really grateful that I got through my list of things to do and saved co-pays at the same time. I confess, I struggle with the telephone.

Last updated February 16, 2021

Adventure before Dementia February 17, 2021

Travelled on 1 cruise liner...never again (sea sickness!). I enjoyed the Castle line video about the grandeur of ocean travel and the ship's demise in India.....

Jinn February 18, 2021

Very interesting :-) Thanks!

NorthernSeeker February 18, 2021

Mr. NS is rereading a novel right now. Every time you read a novel the experience is a little different.

Marg February 19, 2021

Really interesting - thanks for these!

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