The Dark Side of Spirituality in Spiritual Journey

  • Feb. 15, 2021, 3:12 p.m.
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This episode from Rebel Wisdom was a huge disappointment. I love Rebel Wisdom, they have a series called The War on Sensemaking which features Daniel Schmachtenberger who is an absolute genius when it comes to improving sensemaking and public dialogue. I recommend it to anyone who wants to level up inside the 3D. However, it is clear that Daniel is not involved in the making of the rest of their content because David Fuller, the founder and moderator in this episode, often fails to unbake a fake news cake. I think his old career as a journalist makes him put too much faith in mainstream journalism. A lot of his sensemaking comes from mainstream news which is the worst place to go for sensemaking and he should have learned that while filming with Daniel.

This episode, which I’m sharing at the bottom of the page, felt like political propaganda. They pushed their ideas through the lens of the left which would be fine and dandy if they weren’t calling individualism cancer. Whining about capitalism and signalling white guilt is one thing but calling individualism brain cancer to the global mind is far-left radicalism. We know how radical collectivists cure that cancer. They compared the spiritual movement to eugenics and Nazism. In their made-up hero story, lightworkers were cast as the eugenicists that need to be stopped.

All they did here was bake an unusual alt-right hate cake, a Rachel Green Meat Trifle. They mixed together too many recipes and then tried to pass it off as a balanced meal. They are trying to sell that spirituality leads to Q-anons, the Q-anon shaman, conspiracy theories, Donald Trump, science skeptics, capitalism, narcissism, toxic individualism and eugenics. They are making spirituality political and they are building a dangerous Hegelian dialectic narrative which makes me uneasy.

Long story short for those who don’t want to watch it, spiritual people are radicals. They want them to hold their beliefs lightly, accept a hierarchy (authority), stay attached to this 3D, accept science and not make any noise. They painted spiritual people as a threat to the status quo by using the absurd recipe I listed above. They also signalled a need for an intervention. If today’s political climate wasn’t adding up to re-education camps I wouldn’t be reacting to this but here we are accusing spiritual people of being guilty by association with other movements that are already labelled as a carcinogen.

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