breakdown/panic attack in A Day in the Life of Me

  • Feb. 13, 2021, 8:25 p.m.
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First customer of the day.... 4 ppl in the store (current limit with everything going on), boss is out back doing some stock work, I am waiting on all 4 ladies, trying to be efficient, helpful, chipper even, not a problem....
Except one of them was NOT HAPPY that I did not give her the service she “Expected after years of shopping” with our store.
turned into a bitter back and forth. Boss lady got involved. I ended up finishing with her, going out back to get something else for another customer, and then proceeding to start crying and then going into a full blown ugly cry/panic attack/ball of pathetic on the back room floor.
Not even open half an hour.
Pissed off mostly cause she said I didn’t come to check on her like I did the other 3 ladies.
1) I didn’t “check” on them either, I asked if they needed sizes, like I attempted to do with her
2) She was talking over everyone as if she was the only person in the store (she was the 4th one in).
3) The last item I did grab for her, she practically SHOVED into my hand when i DID attempt to “check” on her, when I spotted said item in her hand and went to ask if she would like the other half.
The other 3 ladies all overheard the exchange. And all felt bad for me (according to boss lady who took over for me) and said they completely understood if I needed a minute to gather myself outback.
Oh she also told me to not giver HER attitude, that I was LUCKY I was getting the sale, (said this more then once and to the point I ALMOST refused to finish the transaction) and if I didn’t stop “talking back” she would go complain. That’s pretty much when boss lady stepped in to tell her that we are basically just to busy to do one on one service and that we are literally just box runners now. By this point I was doing everything to keep my composure, I had been trying to tell her, that I was trying to serve all 4 ppl in my store equally, and quickly and I accidently dropped the scanner on the counter in the process. She tells ME not to slam things on the counter, yet, SHE was slamming the boxes of shoes onto the sales counter in a huff as if she had had to go out back and drag them all out herself.
By the end of it she’s still trying to give me grief, and I am literally telling her to please stop talking to me and just finish the transaction because I was TRYING to stay in a good mood for the rest of my day, and did not want to interact with her any more.
Didn’t work… was a mess internally… I did have a lovely batch of ppl for the most part for the rest of the day, the down side was every time they thanked me for everything I did, it made me stupid emotional all over again.
I pity the ppl in her family life. She can not be easy to live with.
I can not wait until the 23rd, and pray I can get the hell out of retail when I start looking for work again. I can not take much more of this.

Oh and then I come home to an apartment STINKING of weed… txt sent to landlord. says he’ll talk to her, and I can to if i want. Tell him in the mood I am in NOT a good idea.
I am so sick of this too… I wish I could win the lotto so I could buy my own place, and retire and never have to deal with any of this bull agian.

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Muffin Princess February 14, 2021

Hey try not to let it get to you. Think of the other three ladies who were nice and felt bad for you, they’re in the majority! The other lady must have a hard life if she spends her whole time in a bad mood like that. You be out of there soon enough.

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ February 14, 2021

Yea, I tried focusing on that, but apparently that was making me even more emotional when ppl were thanking me for my help 😂 I couldn't win lol

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