2 weeks.. in A Day in the Life of Me

  • Feb. 9, 2021, 6:18 p.m.
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..until the store front is closed to customers. That’s if we have enough product to last that long.
We have roughly 1000 pieces left. Boss lady THINKS we MIGHT get one last small push this week, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow evening.
It’s sad that I am losing employment yes, but the shit I’ve been through with some of our “customers” have me doing a count down and happy dance.
Getting wine for last day… lol Boss lady got wine for xmas, I’ll get it for close day. mid week day drinking… lol
Trying to NOT plan things, but still planning things for when I am off. I don’t want to over do myself. I need to start working out again, but I also need to be smart/safe.
Also I am planning on going home for a week or so. Mentioned it to D last night, and he said that now that I had brought it up, he had been thinking of sending me home for my bday this year, as I’ll be off, and he apparently has no idea what else to get me lol.
Just got to what mommas schedule is like, not that that really matters to me. I can easily amuse myself while she’s at work if need be.
Might see what the deal is with using the gym at her work, cause the gym at the YMCA there is older then the dinos and I got 0 done there last time. And I am sure the one at her work would be better.
I’ll miss the kitties like crazy and of course D too.
Might only do a week, then maybe go down again around the summer. I don’t know yet.

Muffin Princess February 11, 2021

Oh how exciting! I can’t wait to visit my family but the whole country is still in lockdown and I haven’t seen them since before Billy was born 😔 hope you have fun!

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ February 11, 2021

well she will be working, but I'm sure we will :)
Hope you get to see yours soon too. Plus side you can vid-chat yours, my mom doesn't have a comp or net lol

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