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There is a bottom in the rabbit hole. I don’t think I’m quite there but I’m pretty close. I’m deep enough to see the big picture, not the full picture, I don’t see the detail. I just get the gist. There are just so many paradigms of information, too many for one consciousness to process and a lot of it is too dark. It’s like going through a spiritual awakening with the collective consciousness. The experience is a lot like the stages of grief. Anger and betrayal is a big one once you learn that everything you thought you knew was a lie and that everyone you thought you could trust was a liar. Including oneself. Eventually, you learn to accept it and get to grow into your true self. The one that has been hidden from you.

That true self is calling, the nature of our desire is expansion. We want to expand into what we do and into what we love. Nothing ever feels like enough because that is an inside job. No career, wealth or relationship will make you feel complete because we need to expand into ourselves. To discover the true self. Religions across history and culture helped guide you on that path. However, those religions were eventually hijacked and deliberately taught to us the wrong way so we can stay separate from that true self so we will keep trying to expand into this false one.

Once you leave the upside-down world that we live in, the one where everything is backwards it gets easier to push through the cognitive dissonance. There is one topic of potential truth that I can’t get anyone to want to even listen to from the spiritual/truther community. Truther? Truth-seekers? Conspiracy theorists? I don’t know what nomenclature to use. It’s actually not them, the truthers that I particularly interact with. It is the spiritual community. A lot of them know about this matrix and how false it is and have the same knowledge as the truthers who are not all spiritual, necessarily. When you remove all your ideas, beliefs and perceptions you know that there is a part of you that is still you. I suppose once you tear down all your old belief structures on that spiritual journey you tend to look at where those came from and why and who etc. Those two communities seem to go hand in hand. Both communities leave the Matrix, so to speak. Anyway, the one topic that seems to cause a lot of cognitive dissonances is the Bible and how that it is being taught to us incorrectly.

We seem to want to ignore the fact that it is not an original story, the Holy Bible. Particularly Jesus. It all comes from the hermetic. In Alexandria, there were multiple currents of the Holy Bible and the main current was the Gnostics. The Gnostics was a science textbook and Rome wanted Christianity (and others) to be taught as a theology so they could rule over people and create rivalries. All of our ancients were teaching the same science and those people and their sciences were destroyed mercilessly. Then we were indoctrinated to believe in various religions. Also indoctrinated to believe our ancients were worshipping Gods etc also. Some were, sure. It’s more nuanced than that, not that it matters too much. History doesn’t exist, it’s gone. All we have is the eternal now. We are indoctrinated to believe that so much of our history was lost to time but that is not true. Our heritage is known and kept away from us but that won’t last. It can’t. It was stolen but it is destined to return. It’s already here in one form or another.
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Throughout time, those who taught this science were martyred. Socrates, Hypatia, Giordano Bruno. This science always comes back, the renaissance was the last time we saw it. Then that was taught back to us falsely. Leonardo DaVinci was a hermeticist (discreetly). Even the founding fathers of America were hermeticists. Nikola Tesla also, he used that science at least. Where everything is magnetism and gravity is just buoyancy. From my understanding at least. Side note, Trump declassified Tesla’s work. Anyway, that time for it to return again is now. “Christ consciousness” is to return during the age of Aquarius. The science of it at least. That science is expressed in many ways so it doesn’t matter if it comes to us through Christ, Krishna or whatever.
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We are at the turning of the age right now and the elites know this. They’ve been working hard to ensure that we do not wake up. If we wake up this whole system of theirs cannot continue. They need us to stay in fear, in a low vibration, in lower consciousness and keep us strictly left-brained so we can keep creating this world for them. Our real heritage is astrology, astrotheology. Across history and culture, we knew the stars. We used allegories and stories to describe the sky. The Bible was no different, both the old and new testament were talking mostly about the zodiac. That zodiac was also used to talk about our biology and consciousness and how to find the God within. So to speak.
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In the gnostics, it was about the message and never about the messenger. The Roman Empire created a theology around the messenger. That whole part of the history is not too important. It is relevant to understand the behind-the-scenes part of the world but what matters is the message. The science, it doesn’t matter who teaches it or what “religion” we use to apply it because it all was explaining the same thing. How to purify the oil in our spines and heave it up to our pineal glands so we can activate our entire brains. The kundalini awakening, Christ consciousness, Krishna etc. It’s all about higher consciousness. This allows us to access the spiritual realms, acquire more than five senses. Synesthesia, the rare condition in which some people can see sound is an ability we are all supposed to have and then some. We are also supposed to have regenerative abilities also. Our ancients were able to live for hundreds of years. As above, so below. The stars are a part of us. It’s way too complex for me to explain or even understand, yet. We are the measure of the universe, it expresses itself through us. I need to learn astrology but I don’t know where to look or start because I want it taught to me correctly because the stars rule over us. Once we learn this science we are able to rule over them.

From my understanding, our generation is not the one who will reach christ consciousness. We will reach higher consciousness and develop a multitude of abilities like the ability to access memories from past lives to clairvoyance. However, we can’t acquire the extra senses or full regenerative abilities. This journey is supposed to start when we turn twelve or thirteen? We then work on it until we are… I can’t remember the age but I think it is 33. Our sacred oil, the Christ within us, has been poisoned. It is not pure. We ruined our terrain, we ruined our bodies with vaccines. We don’t eat the right foods and we turn that oil into vinegar with alcohol and meat-eating. We calcify our pineal glands with fluoride. The list can go on but the big mistake we all make is this… we are ejaculators. The moment we first ejaculate we have forfeited living forever on Earth. It’s okay though, this sounds like a loss but it’s not. We reincarnate to try again. We would be the generation that is to restore our heritage so we can learn it in our next life. Something to that effect. Somehow, this is all explained in the Holy Bible. We do have the ability to purify our oil and heave it up to acquire christ consciousness, the kundalini or Krishna but from my understanding, it will only go so far because we did not know our heritage. It is a bit new age and esoteric the idea that we have come here to free humanity from the evil that is keeping us away from our true potential. To raise our vibrations and bring humanity back to higher consciousness. To get them to stop identifying with their ego. Whatever, it’s a lot to try and understand. I’m just trying to understand it all in this entry myself.

It’s a really long subject to get into, the history of the cabal that stole our heritage. This is indeed when you get into truther territory or “conspiracy.” We have thirteen families that are ancient who run the world through their exessive wealth and power. They worship Baal, they’re Satanists. They use theologies to control us. We have, through these families the Jesuits, Jews and Zionists. It’s too much to get into. I’m not overly interested in them anyway. I do need to understand who they are and where they came from and where they are going because they’re taking us there with them and they don’t care about the human condition one bit. They fed us with a lot of lies and psy-ops. There is so much to unlearn and so much painful cognitive dissonance to push through. For starters, they trapped us on a globe. GloBaal. In the Bible and across all history and culture who had the sciences figured out they all explained the world is flat.
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These gloBaalists don’t want us to believe that God is real, that these religions were real (in the context of science) so their biggest psy-op is that we live on a globe. Do I believe in flat-earth theory? Beliefs are just conclusions we make to things we do not know and I only believed the earth was round because of NASA images, cartoons and hearing about it my whole life. I’ve never seen the world from space myself. What I have seen, with an open-mind, is some truthers debunk the moon landing and ISS images and footage so I don’t know what to believe. I do know that if I want to believe in the Holy Bible in full context I have to believe that the earth is flat and that we live in a dome. I also have to believe that we are alone in the universe. There are other dimensions, universes if you will according to these ancient sciences but there were no aliens. No Gods or messiahs. We are here to grow our light, our consciousness. I can’t let myself, if I want to follow the ancient sciences, get caught up in the pseudosciences we worship today. I can’t let myself get caught up in the idea of extraterrestrials. Some truthers believe that we are about to get a false-flag alien invasion. A psy-op to bring in a global religion. I don’t care either way. I try and keep an open mind so I can process multiple partial views in working memory so that I can try and discern what is truth. What I discovered from Santos Bonacci’s life work is what feels like truth to me. However, I need to grow my knowledge of astrology. This science seems to be manifesting through astrology and the esoteric new age beliefs.
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I think Humanity is going to have a renaissance again. Hopefully. I don’t know how this science will manifest this time around but it looks like it is coming together through astrology, forgotten history and a lot of these new-age belief systems. Cleaning our bodies, transmuting energies, alchemizing them and then heaving that spinal fluid up into our pineal glands so we can access the spirit realms and remember who we are. I think that’s the end game here? But we are stuck agreeing to believe that life is all about this 3D. 4D is when you transcend that and I believe 5D is where we are supposed to be heading which is just us operating from a place of love and not fear. Not everyone will make it though. They cleave to this false world, this demiurge. This matrix or 3D. Life is not supposed to be this way. I think a lot of us are starting to wake up to that much.

When I talk with others they believe in the theologies. That is fine, they still work. Ish. Not really because they believe immortality needs to be earned. They’re also looking outside for salvation and that is an inside job. The outer world is used to describe the inner one. The characters are real historical figures to some and those characters are going to return to help humanity, that is their belief system. They believe that not believing in Christ or whomever, the way it was taught, is why we are at the end times. I used to have those beliefs but I was not really connected to them. I did have a connection because there was a lot of mystery there but I couldn’t figure it out. Now my beliefs are more aligned with the hermetics, the Gnostics. Jesus was an allegory and not a literal figure, that is my current understanding. Which I barely understand. I think in pictures it is hard to articulate what I see.

I did have an experience once, an out of body one. This was decades ago. It wasn’t a near-death experience, it came from that random feeling of falling when you lay on your back and are super tired. When you randomly feel like your falling so you react by jumping up. Only I didn’t snap out of it, I fell into the sunken place. What I saw looked similar to that scene from Get Out when the main character went into the sunken place.
alt text
I was reminded of this also from the Netflix series the OA. (spoiler alert) The main character dies multiple times and twice she crosses over to the “heaven” between universes.
alt text
This image above is similar to a scene in the Netflix series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. (spoiler alert) Some of the characters slip out of reality. The behind the scenes it was called. Only while I was there I did not have my body. I was not seeing with my eyes but with my mind, not even that. We share a collective mind and while I was there I did not have my body and everything that comes with it. What I saw were lights that looked like stars. Those stars were people, their consciousness. Some were brighter than others. It was like a cog, we were creating something. A part of something. Consciousness is not generated in our bodies it is more like a signal that our bodies can use.
alt text

What I saw wasn’t blue, it more golden. It definitely looked a lot more like the Dirk Gently one only I wasn’t outside of it, I was in it and it was also a lot bigger and had a lot more lights. Anyway, I butchered a lot of what I was trying to explain. Nothing exists as words and nothing exists as we see them, technically. It manifests through us differently. I believe that our ancients were expressing their knowledge in allegories and stories. I’m going to get on with my day now, ta. lol

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